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AA terrorists abduct, torture and kill two innocent people for no apparent reason

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Nay Pyi Taw january 15

AA terrorists are continuously committing terrorist acts by abducting and killing people including residents entering or leaving the  area as passengers or to earn their living to control the locals by terrorizing them in order to realize their  2020 Arakan Dream in Rakhine  State.

As regards the terrorist acts of AA, U Thein Lwin of Ponnakar Village, YeU Township, Shwebo District, Sagaing Region, presented a letter of request to the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services in April 2019.  In the letter, U Thein Lwin said that he and some of the residents of the village are travelling as salespersons  visiting various places of the country including Rakhine State; that beginning 2006, they were providing door-to-door services  in selling personal goods including rain coats, iron boxes, batteries, solar  panels at villages in earning their living through honest ways; that they rented U Aung Tun Kyaw’s house at Kyaukyitkay ward in MraukU Township, Rakhine State while they were visiting various villages to sell  goods, they received order from Aukthakan and Byaingtaungchay villages on 18 February 2019; that Maung Myo Htaik Win of the  group delivered the goods by motorcycle; that as Maung Myo Htaik Win never returned back, U Soe Naing and Maung Yazar Tun  searched for him on 19 February; that they too went missing; that U Thein Lwin opened a case for the missing persons at Teinnyo Police Station; and in his letter U Thein Lwin requested help in searching for the three.

As regards the matter, the relevant military command headquarters conducted an investigation intothe case and it found that the case  of the three missing persons was opened at MraukU Myoma Police Station. It was found that the  MraukU Myoma Police Station has informed the Kyauktaw, Minbya, Ponnagyun, Myaungbway,  Teinnyo police stations about the  case to look into it and to search  for the missing persons. According to the investigation, it is found  that the three were honest sales-persons who were selling goods in the area since 2006. As they are friendly with the residents, it is possible that they were abducted by the AA terrorists. 

Follow-up investigation into the three missing persons by local battalions led to the findings such as AA terrorists’ atrocities and a video file sent by duty-conscious locals featuring AA terrorists’ arrest and killing of two civilians. Further investigation into the video was also conducted.

The two civilians being tortured in the video are MaungYazar Tun, aged 22, holding NRC No.5/Ya-U-Na (N) 126699, son of U Naing Aung, and U Soe Naing (aka) Ko Yin Gyi, son of U Ba Hlaing, from Ponnakar Village, YeU Township, Shwebo District, Sagaing Region. The two went missing as they went to MraukU Township, Rakhine State, for selling things on 19 February 2019. As featured in the video, they were arrested and tortured for no reason by an AA terrorist group led by ULA in-charge Van Do at the entrance to Makya Village, MraukU Township. Then, they died of tortures.

Likewise, videos on AA terrorists’ torturing of their arrestees and killing them with bamboo sticks went on viral on social media. Such incidents were also related to the atrocities by the AA terrorists, according to follow-up news.

AA terrorists frequently commit acts such as abducting and in-humanely killing innocent civilians including Rakhine nationals who  do not support their group, retirees from the Tatmadaw and the police force, war veterans who have  retired on health grounds and  retired police and departmental personnel. Till today, 29 members of the public were killed by AA terrorists. And AA-inflicted mines killed 11 civilians and wounded 26 others.

In response to such atrocities and racial discrimination, local people and social organizations frequently issue statements against the AA terrorists, abhorring their acts. In connection with the video on the killing of the two innocent civilians, a case has been opened at the police station concerned in accord with the anti-terrorism law and other relevant laws.

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