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New escalator-fitted pedestrian overpasses for Yangon in future

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New pedestrian overpasses in Yangon will have escalators, according to U Lin Khaing, head of Engineering Department (roads and bridges) of Yangon City Development Committee-YCDC.

“We will arrange escalators for the coming pedestrian overpasses, as we will be building more such facilities for ensuring road safety under our proposed plan. But, I can’t tell the exact places where pedestrian overpasses will be built as we have not received any approval for the plan yet. I believe people will understand our situation,” he said. 

The department also prioritizes the more crowded and congested places in choosing a site projected for a pedestrian overpass in Yangon. Then, it has to weigh the allotted budget for the project and the cost in erecting the overpass and the escalators on its both ends and calculate the power consumption capacity. But, the department is arranging more escalator-fitted pedestrian overpasses for public safety, according to YCDC sources.   

“But in some places, there is not enough space for the escalator,” he explained why some of the facilities could not be attached with the machine. 

A pedestrian overpass was built at the corner of Sule Pagoda Road and Anawrahta Street in downtown Yangon for traffic safety. But, some people instead of using it are crossing the street from under the facility. Hence, a combined team, including traffic police is guiding the pedestrian to use the flyover.

Yangon now has 21 flyovers, and the would-be largest flyover of the commercial city is under con-struction at the junction of Nanat-taw Street and Bayintnaung Road. Maintenance work is underwayat the existing walkways fitted with escalators for their sustaina-bility. The department has stopped the escalators for about an hour during mid-daytime hours when pedestrian population is low in carrying out the maintenance work.

 Htet Khaing (Sanchaung)


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