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Valuable paintings and curio auctioned

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Valuable Paintings & Freeholders Curio Exhibition and Auction Event were held at Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon from 9 am to 5 pm on 19 January.

“This is the second of its kind. Over 100 paintings and hundreds of antiques were put up for sale at the auction. Exhibits included items that are over 100 years old. Most of them are the UK, China and Japan made items,” said Ko Sai Sit Moe Thaw of Myanmar Auction Co Ltd.

“The auction is intended to facilitate relations between curio collectors and those who want to sell antiques,” he said.

“Items including earthen pots and clocks that date back to over 80 years ago were exhibited at the auction. The exhibition and auction of valuable paintings and freeholders curio is planned to be held twice a year,” he said.              

Su Latt

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