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KNU attacks military convoy with a remote-detonated IED in Bago Region

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Tatmadaw engineering troops are undertaking roadworks in  Bago Region’s Kyaukkyi Township and Kayin State’s Hpapun District in order to contribute to regional development, with Tatmadaw troops providing security. The KNU remotely detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) as a military convoy transporting food supplies to Tatmadaw engineering troops and security personnel reached some 8,000 meters in the east of Mu Thae Village in Kyaukkyi Township, Bago Region on the morning of 28  January. A vehicle and bags of rice  were destroyed in the explosion.

Tatmadaw is making efforts  to build eternal peace and cooperating for more rapid development in areas of the signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and KNU chairman Saw Mutu Say Poe held meetings on 29 October, 2019. The two discussed measures to build eternal peace including the need to cooperate as partners for peace of Myanmar despite differing  views  and  gaps,  potential  benefits of a speedy peace process for the country and regional development, and Tatmadaw’s roadworks in Kayin State which are  solely intended for better transportation and regional development, and not for military purpose.

Moreover, two meetings were held in Kyaukkyi Township at the lower level, focusing on exchange of information. The meetings were attended by officials of Tatmadaw local battalions and KNU Brigade 2, Brigade 3 and Brigade 5. Despite the meetings, from the commencing of roadworks on 11 November 2019 until today, the KNU carried  out three remote-detonated mine attacks on military convoys that provide logistical support and transport food supplies to security troops in Kyaukkyi and Hpapun townships. There were also six engagements and six mine explosions, and security personnel could clear eight IEDs during that period.

Complaint has been sent to the KNU headquarters through the relevant joint ceasefire monitoring committee (JMC) and security and border affairs ministry of Bago Region Government. Tatmadaw will continue security operations as  necessary for development of the region.                               


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