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Commanding officer from Tatmadaw killed in mine attacks by KNU on Tatmadaw column taking road security measures in Papun Township

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Nay Pyi Taw  January 30

While striving for securing eternal peace, the Tatmadaw is making efforts to strengthen ceasefire in the regions for which the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA was signed.

The Tatmadaw is stockpiling rations in Papun Township of Kayin State yearly. With regard to use of routes and maintenance of them for regular stockpiling of the rations, engineering troops of the Tatmadaw are buil-

ding the roads in coordination  with relevant organizations in advance as part of emphasizing  the NCA and removing worries  of local people. Although coordination for the tasks was conducted in advance, a Tatmadaw column taking security measures for the road construction was attacked with a car mine by a KNU group headed by a leader under scrutiny, about 12,000 metres southwest  of Nattaung Village in Papun Township at about 3 pm on 27 January.

In the incident, a commanding officer from the Tatmadaw died on the spot of injuries of the mine blast.

Despite coordination in advance, KNU is committing disturbance fire in far distance and planting and explosion of mines against the Tatmadaw columns which took security measures. During  the period from November 2019 to January 2020, disturbance  attacks of KNU happened seven times, mine blasts seven times and mine attacks three times, and security troops discovered local made mines eight times in seizing 13 mines.

Letters of objection on disturbance acts of KNU were sent to the relevant organization, and  the Tatmadaw will continue undertaking its necessary tasks.   

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