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Tour guides advised to inform officials about virus suspects

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Should a tour guide found any person suspected of being infected with novel coronavirus in his group of tourists, he is advised on informing the officials concerned about the case soonest through the nearest Health Department Branch, U Aung  Tun Lin, chairman of Myanmar Tour Guide Association, told the Myawady Daily.    

“Tour guides are the persons who are closely staying with tourists from various countries. We need to monitor the novel coronavirus (nCoV) in Myanmar.There may be people who visited the People’s Republic of China during the previous month. But, it is impossible to ask the tourists about their recent visits individually. So, we should be aware of the suspected visitors, especially tourists from China. But, there may also be suspects among the visitors from other countries including those from European nations,” he said.

Moreover, it is found that some international travellers under the responsibility of Myanmar tour guides had visited China in the previous December and others may have connections with Chinese citizens, especially the residents of Wuhan, the source of the deadly virus. So, tour guides should have awareness in providing services to their guests.

“The Ministry of Health has advised people to avoid visiting crowded places. I would like to warn our tourists again.  The association has issued dos and don’ts in the previous month,” he said. Tour guides should stay away  from leading their tourists to monasteries, religious edifices and festivals where large numbers of foreign and local tourists throng. They should always have the health awareness  in case the matter becomes inevitable.            

Although the country has over 10,000 tour guide certificate holders, over 700 hundred of them are working as tour guide.

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