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AA terrorists rape Bengali women residing in Theintan Village of Buthidaung Township

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Nay Pyi Taw  February 2

Four AA terrorists arrived at Theintan Village of PhayapyinTheintan Village-tract of Buthidaung Township in Rakhine State on the evening of 31 January. As they raped and beat Bengali women of the village, clashes happened due to preventive measures of villagers against indecorous acts of those AA terrorists. After those four AA terrorists had left there, about 30 more AA terrorists arrived at the village and threatened to set fire to the village. As elders from the village sent a letter of seeking help to the nearest Tatmadaw military column which was on duty of security, mentioning that the village was in a worrisome situation because the village was under the state of siege, the Tatmadaw military column accepted the letter on the evening of 1 February.

As soon as they received the letter of seeking help, the Tatmadaw military columns systematically grouped themselves in the evening and carefully rushed to the village together with security troops. They arrived at the village in early morning on 2 February. First, they provided necessary health care services to the victims of violence. Afterwards, they asked villagers about the incident. The villagers said that four AA terrorists arrived at the village at about 9 am on 31 January and summoned four tenhousehold heads of the village. Those terrorists demanded Ks-1 million each for four remote mines as indemnity charges because their remote mines planted near the village were moved. As ten-household heads refused to pay the charges because their villagers did not do so. Ten-household heads suffered injuries as the terrorists hit and beat them. After those terrorists had left there, the first four AA terrorists arrived there again and entered  the house of a ten-household head. They  abducted  Bengali  women  from  the  house  and  raped  them.

When villagers prevented indecorous acts of those terrorists, clashes happened between them. At about  6 pm, about 30 AA terrorists arrived at the village again and besieged the village and threatened the villagers.

AA terrorists forcefully took away cows of the villagers and stockpiled supplies in the past.

AA terrorists have been trying to rape Bengali women in villages, and torturing and beating them. The Myawady Daily issued on 26 January featured a report that two villagers were killed and seven others were wounded when AA terrorist fired heavy weapon rounds at Kingtaung Village in Buthidaung Township on 25 January early morning for no reason. They are also laying mines in the surrounding areas of villages, and four children of Htaiktupauk Village died of mine blast on 7 January and six persons including a teacher were wounded.

As the AA terrorists are committing terrorist attacks against villages where Bengali people live, villagers having trust in and reliance on the Tatmadaw sent this letter for help. The Tatmadaw is providing necessary medical treatment for the persons who were threatened and beaten and also taking necessary measures for the villagers to live in complete safety and under full protection.


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