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As uplifting sports skills means improving defence capability of the State, qualified athletes must be turned out through systematic training by enhancing sports sector of the Tatmadaw

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NAY PYI TAW February 3

Uplifting sports skills means im-proving defence capability of the State. Taking sports exercises helps strengthen body structure, motivate active moods for competitors as well as spectators and emerge patriotic spirit. As such, it needs to enhance sport sector of the Tatmadaw while systematically turning out qualified athletes, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting on sports of the Tatmadaw held at Zeyathiri Tatmadaw Stadium, here, this morning.

Also present at the meeting were Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) General Mya Tun Oo, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung MaungKyaw, senior military officers, commanders,chairmen and secretaries of the Tatmadaw Sports and Physical Education Mana-gement Board and the Tatmadaw Sports Committees.

Chairman of Tatmadaw Sports and Physical Education Management Board Adjutant General Lt-Gen Myo Zaw Thein reported on underta-kings for sports of the Tatmadaw, and participations in internal and international sports competitions. Officials of the Tatmadaw Sports Committees presented reports on sports activities.

In giving guidance on sports activities of the Tatmadaw, the Senior General said uplifting sports skills means improving defence capability of the State. Taking sports exercises helps strengthen body structure, motivate active moods not only for competitors but also for spectators and emerge patriotic spirit. Servicemen need to have health and fitness with patriotic spirit in discharging defence duty. Sports competitions are held one after another in order to turn out good and capable Tatmadaw athletes. Servicepersons are arranged to take part in five suitable sports events such as football, volleyball, shooting, boxing and track and field events related to the State defence without fail. In fact, they have to focus on competition but not on winning or lossing.

Although the Tatmadaw is not an institution to turn out athletes for the State, it must have to produce qualified sports persons. The Senior General noted if everybody wishes to have success and development elsewhere, they themselves need to  try hard and work with critical thinking and initiative. He stressed the  need to encourage sports sector.

As such, sports grounds and gymnasiums meeting set standards are  being facilitated so as to turn out outstanding  athletes. Moreover, they  are provided with sports gears and  physical requirements. Coaches must be qualified in techniques and physical strengths. Athletes must take training with vigorous efforts under control of technique coaches and physical trainers. Athletes must  be given nutritious foods for  having powerful strength, health  and fitness. They have to review   the practice of eating rice as main  meal and replace it with eating wheat, meat, fish and egg to have physical growth and strength. Only when athletes win the sports events, will they have active spirit. Turning out  successful athletes will  be models for new generation athletes.

Athletes must be chosen for training with farsightedness in  the long run based on their skills, health and fitness, age, morality, disciplines and enthusiasm. Athletes and coaches should have a wider  range of knowledge not only on   physical strength but also on techniques. They must have knowledge about different types of  sports using techniques of playing  and strength. That is why it is necessary to select athletes with high  intelligent level. Although medical checkups are being provided for  health and fitness, managers, coaches and athletes must totally avoid consumption of liquor, betel quid and cigarette and enjoy their lifestyle based on conscientiousness. The Senior General urged officials to  steer the athletes and coaches towards the correct way.

The Senior General said Tatmadaw athletes who bring honour  to the Tatmadaw and secure medals for the State must be recognized  with deserved honour. Their basic  needs and future lives must be guaranteed for outstanding athletes who brought prestige to the State.

It is necessary to organize adult,  youth and invitational sports competitions while young athletes must  be scouted for better training. The  Senior General urged respective Tatmadaw sports committees to strive for achieving successes in sports events, systematically conduct sports courses and coaching courses so as to turn out qualified athletes and coaches, all Tatmadaw members and families to join  health activities, continuously take  outdoor and indoor games as well as health sports in all seasons without choosing times such as summer holidays and December sports month, and systematically take sports activities depending on their hobbies and relaxation in spare times.                                


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