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More narcotic drugs, related materials used in drug production seized in Lwekham Village, Kutkai Township

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Nay Pyi Taw   March   16

A combined team comprising members of security forces has continued security measures and searches around Lwekham Village and nearby areas in Kutkai Township of Shan State (North), where narcotic drugs, materials used in producing the drugs and related precursors worth more than Ks-292 billion were seized from 28 February to 15 March.

In this regard, 123,600 stimulant tablets bearing 88/1 label were seized from a building owned by U Lee Kyin Hua, who had escaped from Lwekham Village, at 9.40 a.m. today. Likewise, 4,000,000 WY brand stimulant tablets, 5,760,000 stimulant tablets bearing 88/1 label, 1,680,000 stimulant tablets without label, 2,205 soap cases, each of which holds 10 grams of heroin weighing 22.05 kilos, 24 containers each of which holds five gallons of acid, 137 tablet pressing rods and nine rubber seals for tablets, were also seized from one-storey building owned by U Louk Fa, at 2.45 pm.

A combined team comprising security troops searched and seized 333 houses in Lwekham Village and surrounding areas from 28 February to date, seizing arms and ammunition, 143,832,600 assorted stimulant tablets, 286.23 kilos of heroin, 291 kilos of morphine, 1.6 kilos of heroin block, 16 kilos of opium oil extract, 12.65 kilos of stimulant tablet powder, 135 kilos of raw opium and 441 kilos of ICE with a total estimated value of  over Ks-314 billion and 249 kinds of related equipment used in drug production worth over Ks-1.6 billion, which totalled more than Ks-315 billion.

Concerning the seizures of narcotic drugs, continued measures will be taken to arrest those who fled from the scenes, main culprits, those failed to inform the authorities and those who involved in the cases in accordance with rules and regulations, and the combined team comprising security forces will take security measures of the region and necessary tasks.

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