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Myanmar Tatmadaw delegation led by Senior General  Min Aung Hlaing visits Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces

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Nay Pyi Taw   June   24

The Myanmar Tatmadaw delegation led by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who arrived in the Russian Federation to attend the Parade to mark the 75th Anniver-sary Victory Day of Great Patriotic War of the Russian Federation on the afternoon of 23 June local standard time visited the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces at the Patriotic Park in Kubinka, southwest of Moscow.

On arrival at the Main Cathedral, the Senior General and party were conducted round by officials. They viewed arms, ammunition, military equipment and other utensils, equipment of medical corps, communication equipment, and programmes displaying the wars at the museum near the  cathedral and asked for further information.

The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces was built in honour of the Victory Day of  Great Patriotic War which falls on 9 May 2020. It aims to become the Center of Military Glory of the Russian Armed Forces and  a memorial to fallen Russian soldiers in the roughest and bloodiest war along the history. It comprises the 96 metres high main building, the 75 metres high bell tower, three other buildings, four museums  and parks. The Main Cathedral  was built by more than 4,000 renowned architects and artists across the country day and night within six months. All ladders of the entrance to the army green  Main Cathedral were made of Nazi tanks and weapons seized in the Second World War. The seized own equipment of Nazi leader Hitler are put on display.  Scale  and measurement of the Main Cathedral were based on historical facts and data on the Victory Day over Nazi in the Second World  War. The doom of the Main  Cathedral is 19.45 metres in diameter, weighing 80 tons. Eight windows are installed around the circle  under the doom which is 22.43  metres high. It exactly indicates 10.43 pm on 8 May 1945 when  Nazi  troops  unconditionally  surrendered in the Second World War. The second small doom is  14.18 metres in diameter, meaning that the Second World War lasted for 1,418 days from 1941 to 1945. The interior walls of the Main Cathedral are beautifully decorated with portraits of leaders of the Soviet Russia and mosaic paintings on the Red Army and modern Russian Armed  Forces.  Each  piece  of  stone with a half of inch in width used in the mosaic paintings are impressed with photos in honour of the soldiers who fell in the Second World War.

Moreover, the museum showcases arms and ammunition, and military equipment used in the wars, equipment of medical corps, communication devices, and facts about wars in graphics. A total of 3,365,0034 photos of those from various countries who joined hands with the Red Army in fighting against Nazi are posted on the walls of the museum. Construction of all museums was under calculation for visitors in order to walk 1,418 footsteps along the circular road. Portrayed battle fields and mural paintings are decorated at the areas around the Main Cathedral and brick walls with the use of damaged vehicles and heavy machinery, and equipment used in the war.





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