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Senior General Min Aung Hlaing holds interviews with Arguments and Facts and ZVEZDA news agencies in Russia(Part-2)

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Interview with ZVEZDA news agency

News Agency: We are very glad to see you on the land of Russia, and are very proud to interview you personally. We learnt that this is not your first visit to Russia, but this is the first time you attended the military parade to be held at  Red Square. How do you feel about you first attendance of the event?

Senior General: We have seen online news reports about how a grand occasion the military parade is. It is very interesting. As I have seen it with my own eyes, I would say it is exceptional. I’m much honored to have been invited to this event.

News Agency: The military parade is organized by the Russian Armed Forces. Is Myanmar Armed Forces organizing any military parade at present?

Senior General: Myanmar Tatmadaw also organizes Armed Forces Day parades. It planned to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of its founding on 27 March, but had to postpone the event due to COVID-19. But, once the COVID-19 can be controlled and weather is fine, we will hold the military parade, on a grand scale. Military parades are held to showcase the defence capacity of a country, as well as the people’s extent of love for their motherland. The military parade in Russia showcases the advancement of Russian Armed Forces as well as the extent of love of Russia people for their country. So, it is very good to hold Armed Forces Day.

News Agency: Global countries are suffering from the threat of terrorism today. Terrorism is also rising in South East Asia. We would like to know about the situation regarding terrorism in your country, and plans to fight terrorism. 

Senior General: There are terrorist organizations that are declared [by government] to be terrorists. But, there are also organizations that harm the whole country though they are not declared to be terrorists.  No country accepts terrorism. We also fight terrorists in our country. Terrorist organizations exist because there are reasons that support their existence. It is not that easy to establish a terrorist organization. The state needs a lot of funding to establish armed forces. As the size and weaponry of a terrorist organization grow, we can’t predict how large their expenditures  can be. They will have sources  from where they get the funding.

We have to tackle this. We know there will be difficulties. But, no terrorist has strong faith. We strongly believe we will be able to overcome.

Here, I would like to press a point. The government of a country may be able to suppress the terrorist organization inside that country. But, there might be stronger forces behind that terrorist organization, and in that case, the country alone may not be able to handle it. So, there is a great need for cooperation between countries, partners and countries that are against terrorism. Without cooperation, it will be difficult to defeat the terrorist organizations together.

News Agency: As you have said, international cooperation is instrumental in counter-terrorism. What could you tell us about the latest situation of the ARSA which the international community has regarded as terrorist organization, and what do you think is required to defeat it, and what would be the timeframe for it?

Senior General: There are a lot of factors regarding the question of when they can be defeated. We have to cut off factors that contribute to their existence. We have to make sure they can’t get recruits, weapons, funds, as well as popular support by exposing their true colors. It requires wide-ranging approaches. Cooperation with international countries is important. It would be more effective to engage with those who have direct influence on that terrorist organization.

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