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Border police engage with AA insurgents on Myanmar-Bangladesh border

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Nay Pyi Taw    January    15

Some members of border guard police stationed in border post BP No. 56  at the border fence on Myanmar-Bangladesh border stepped on a mine planted by AA insurgents some 1,700 meters in the south of the police outpost at BP No. 56 while conducting patrol along the border fence this afternoon. Following the mine explosion, the border police engaged with some AA insurgents.

As the combined force of Tatmadaw mobile column and border guard police rushed to the scene, they were intercepted and attacked by around 50 AA insurgents some 400 meters from the scene. Following the engagement, AA troops withdrew into Bangladesh. Foxholes dug by the AA insurgents in order to launch attacks on border guard police were found near the scene, and four places on the border fence measuring four feet wide and five feet high were found to be destroyed. Two border guard police were wounded in mine explosion.

Security forces are carrying out counter-insurgency and regional security operations.


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