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AA insurgents lie in wait for Tatmadaw columns near Yaykhaungchaung Village, three bodies of enemy seized

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Nay Pyi Taw March 23

After AA insurgents from the edge of Saytaung Village attacked a Tatmadaw column performing security duties near the village in Yathedaung Township, Rakhine State, with small and heavy weapons on the night of 21 March, Tatmadaw columns had been deployed for security in that village and nearby villages.

Meanwhile, a 30-strong AA insurgent group fired small and heavy weapons about 400 meters southeast of Yaykhaungchaung Village at 6.30 am on 22 March. Again, a 50-strong AA insurgent group fi red small and heavy weapons about 800 meters southeast of Yaykhaungchaung Village at about 4.30 pm. Therefore, Tatmadaw columns counterattacked them.

In the incidents, some servicemen of the Tatmadaw were killed and injured. Three dead bodies of the enemy in sport suits and mufti were seized at the place where AA insurgents took position near Yaykhaungchaung Village. The Tatmadaw columns continue local security measures.

AA insurgents taking wards and villages as cover are committing the acts of planting mines, mine attacks and ambushes at security columns of the Tatmadaw. When security troops unavoidably defend their attacks, inevitable loss and injuries may happen in wards and villages. As such, local people were requested not to accept AA insurgents in towns, wards and villages in Rakhine State, and if AA insurgents enter towns, wards and villages, people need to inform the respective administrative bodies and security organizations about their movements.

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