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Tatmadaw has completed construction of bailey bridge in place of Mangtonsun Bridge, vehicles pass through bailey bridge

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NAY PYI TAW August 19

AA, TNLA and MNDAA insurgents blew up Mangtonsun Bridge near Namsalat on Hsenwi-Namsalat-Kunglon Road, 31st-Mile Bridge at the exit of Narte Village and 41st-Mile Reinforced Concrete Bridge (Byonetaung) in Hsenwi and Kunglon townships on 16 and 17 August, causing interruption of transport links.


While Tatmadaw columns are taking local security measures for ensuring good condition of local transport links and for convenient transport of local people, servicemen from local military engineering unit started repairing and reconstruction of the one-layer one-floor iron frame bailey bridge, which is 30 feet long and 14 feet wide, in the place of damaged 32 feet long and 29 feet wide Mangtonsun Bridge (15/3 mile) near Namsalat of the three damaged bridges at about 6.30 am today. The construction tasks completed at about 4 pm. Hence, local travellers in small and large vehicles can pass it conveniently.

For ensuring smooth transportation of local people and travellers, the Tatmadaw will continue the repairing tasks at 41st-Mile RC Bridge (Byonetaung) and 31st-Mile Bridge as quickly as possible at the exit of Narte Village which were blown up by insurgents on the road section. Moreover, the Tatmadaw columns continue necessary security measures for ensuring peace and stability and prevalence of law and order in these regions while making utmost efforts for smooth transportation.

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