Myanmar-Russia Friendship and Cooperation Forum held in commemoration of 75th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations between the two countries; Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers address

Myanmar-Russia Friendship and Cooperation Forum held in commemoration of 75th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations between the two countries; Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers address

NAY PYI TAW February 16

    Myanmar-Russia Friendship and Cooperation Forum was held in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Republic of Union of Myanmar and Russian Federation at Myanmar International Convention Center-2 in Nay Pyi Taw today, with an address by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Present together with the Senior General were SAC members, Union ministers, senior military officers from the Office of  the Commander-in-Chief, Ambassador of Russian Fe-deration to Myanmar H.E. Mr. Nikolay LISTOPADOV and members, officials of Russian embassy in Myanmar and Russia-Myanmar Friendship and Cooperation Association, resources persons, faculty members of universities, students and distinguished guests.

First, the Senior General, the Russian ambassador and party arrived at MICC-2 and viewed Russia-Myanmar  friendship commemorative video clips and documentary photos.

Vocalists of Myanma Radio and TV opened the ceremony with the song We are going to open a new chapter in history. Then  a video on Myanmar-Russia friendship throughout the successive eras was shown.

In his 75th anniversary commemorative speech, the Senior General said the enhancement of Myanmar-Russia friendship and multiple sector cooperation is the goal of the forum.

Myanmar-Russia  diplomatic relations will reach its 75th anniversary on 18 February 2023.The friendship between the two countries was ever strong throughout the past successive periods. It has been further enhanced and military cooperation has been promoted since the SAC government assumed responsibilities. The two countries have further promoted many other areas of cooperation apart from trade, science and technology and defence. Russia and Myanmar will continue their cooperation as perpetual friends and partners. They will enhance their cooperation in extending  Russia-Myanmar friendship associations, exchange of government and military good will visits, trade, economy, tourism, religious affairs and culture, civilian and military scholarship programs, human resources development, humanitarian affairs, and promoting international and regional relations.

History stands witness to the ever closer Russia-Myanmar friendly relations based on mutual understanding, economic opportunities  and  strategic considerations despite the geographical distance caused by continents and oceans. 

Russia is the sixth earliest country to establish diplomatic relations with Myanmar. It has set up diplomatic relations with Myanmar since the latter reained independence in 1948. So, there is a firm bilateral friendship between them. 

The Independence Declaration of  Republic of the Union of Myanmar said that all must be firmly loyal to independence and the State till the end of the world; that as an independent country, it would protect and observe fair ethics of all independent global nations; that as the entire nation cherished their independence, they would respect others independence; that as the country wished peace, it would join hands with likeminded ones to safeguard world peace; that let the world heard the country’s declaration.

The Declaration indicates that citizens of  Myanmar are the people who respect, love and value their country’s independence, place emphasis on peace, and have the will to protect global peace.

Nowadays,  some powerful countries interfere in internal affairs of small countries for various reasons so as to cause deterioration and disintegration in unity  with the use  of  various ways and means. On one hand, they pose pressure and intimidation,bullying and discrimination on small countries based on different concepts.

Especially, it is regrettable that those countries are constantly posing pressure and coercion on geopolitically important Myanmar so as to shape its situation as they like and in order to widen its influence, committing criticism, imposing sanctions and interfering in internal affairs.

Hence,  the Senior General expressed his thanks to the Russian leaders and citizens for their standing with Myan-mar as a good friend in order to overcome challenges based on negative views and attampts of utter devastation being committed by some big countries.

Myanmar pledges to constantly  focus on enhancement of friendly relations and cooperation with Russia. Myanmar will hold Russia in high regard for good friend and for booming the interests of both countries in all aspects, and efforts will be made for friendly relations between the peoples of both countries.

Currently, the world urgently needs peace, stability and development of socioeconomic life. These cannot stand separately but rely on one another. Stability cannot be restored without peace and development undertakings cannot be done without peace. As such, it is necessary to strive for strengthening the international relations without fail for fulfilling these requirements.

On the other hand, a country or a people cooperates with each other in the international arenas can they do peace, stability and development.

As Myanmar, a developing country, is initially exercising the democratic system, actively cooperates with regional organizations including the UN and global countries despite facing many challenges. Especially, Myanmar from the time of members of  the UN till today has been upholding the cooperation with the UN as a foundation of foreign policy Myanmar expects the UN would help the global countries emerge a  prosperous global community with peace, harmony and justice.

However, all need to take care of attempts of some powerful countries to influence over small countries with the one sided dogmatism and different political system through various ways and means. As the worst attempt, it is regrettable that they try hard to interfere in internal affairs of sovereign countries by means of democracy and human rights.

In such situation, countries need to follow the principles on mutual respect to sovereignty and understanding and no interference in internal affairs of other countries. Whatever it may be, Myanmar, being a member of ASEAN, will strive for political peace and stability while fully participating in regional peace and stability and development in line with the stance of the ASEAN.

Myanmar is strategic in geopolitics for its location in the Southeast Asian region. The northern part of the nation is filled with snowcapped mountains, the central area endowed with cultivable lands and the southern part, blessed with the sea and islands, seen as the beautiful natural environment  and  climatic  conditions with food and natural minerals.

Efficiently utilizing the land, soil and weathers and natural environments, all are to harmoniously strive for development of the nation and socioeconomic development of the citizens.

The government is building the better country and socioeconomic life focusing on interests of the nation and the people in line with the motto: Keep Moving Forward to Achieve Our Goal.

In so doing, it is necessary to seek the ways which can be practically used for serving interests of the entire people. As Myanmar is blessed with the good opportunities, encouragements must be given to improvement of domestic businesses and manufacturing.  As human resource is playing a key role in this measure, coopera-tion with Russian Federation focuses on development of human resources and academic matters.

All are urged to play their respective  roles  in  bilateral cooperation with Russia in the areas of bilateral contacts, trade, global tourism, culture, sports and others.

Since I invited required investments in Myanmar during my visits to Russia, we can now see the beginning of such investments and I believe there will be more. My government is ready to cooperate with any country, organization or individuals wishing to serve the interests of Myanmar.  

Since regaining independence, our country has been exercising the five principles of peaceful coexistence and the active and nonallied foreign policy. We always anticipate global peace and friendly rela-tions among the global countries.

I reiterate our special thanks to the international organizations, countries including Russia and individuals for their cooperation with us by under standing Myanmar’s prevailing conditions despite pressure, criticisms and blame throughout our tenure.  

I appreciate today’s forum as the topics to be discussed and the participants will focus on promoting Russia-Myanmar friendship and opportunities, outlooks and means to cooperate in various sectors. Therefore, all those in attendance are urged to actively particip-ate. All in all, I wish the already longstanding Russia-Myanmar friendship perpetual and the Russia-Myanmar culture and both countries a greater progress.

Next, the Russian ambass-ador expressed his thanks for having the opportunity to speak at the anniversary. He said it is heartening to see the documentary photos on the bilateral friendship and cooperation in successive eras. Efforts are being made to promote the bilateral friendship and investment. Cooperation is also being strengthened in education, human resource development, sport and health sectors. The cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy has started. The Russian Federation always want to see peace, stability and development in Myanmar and it will increase cooperation.

Then, the Senior General and party enjoyed performances of the vocalists from Myawady music band under the Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare with a Russian song Rossiya Vperod.

The Senior General, the Russian ambassador and those in attendance posed for a documentary photo. Then, the Senior General and party left the ceremony.

According to the agenda, presiding chair U Ko Ko, U Khin Maung Zaw, Dr Naing Swe Oo and U Kyaw Lin Oo discussed the topic of “The current Myanmar-Russia relations and their continued journey”, and held a question and answer session. In  the afternoon,  presiding chair U Ko Ko, Dr Nanda Mhon, Dr Maung Thin and U Ye Min Aung discussed the topic of “Myanmar-Russia relations and benefits for Myanmar’s socio-economy,”  and held a question and answer session. 

Later, the discussions were reviewed and the Union Mini-ster for Information made a concluding remark. The vocalists from Myanmar band sang Nadejda song.