Message sent by Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing to the ceremony to mark the Diamond Jubilee Chin National Day

Message sent by Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing to the ceremony to mark the Diamond Jubilee Chin National Day

(20 February 2023)

Esteemed national ethnic brethren in Chin State,On the auspicious occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Chin National Day, which falls on February 20, 2023, I wish all national ethnic brethren and Chin ethnic people living in Myanmar and respective countries across the world together having a life full of happiness and prosperity.

In Chin State, Chin national ethnic people, who are a Chin ethnic group, have been living through thick and thin and in solidarity together with other ethnic peoples throughout history. Besides, they joined up with all national ethnic brethren in the movement of antiimperialism and struggle for independence with a sense of not being enslaved. They also developed abolition of feudalism and solidarity among all national ethnic peoples across the mountains and plain with national spirit.

After regaining independence, the Chin National Conference attended by more than 5,000 representatives was held in Falam from February 19 to 22 in 1948.

The Falam conference laid down a roadmap to exercise a democratic administration system.

All the attendees at the conference made such a milestone to develop a change from circle headman administration system to a democratic administration system and decided in unison to mark February 20, the day the decision was made, as the Chin National Day. Accordingly, today, February 20, 2023, is the auspicious occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Chin National Day. To develop the Chin National Day, the leadership of Chin national leaders played a very important role.

In the period before and after independence, there were many leaders of Chin ethnic people. Of them, according to the history, some estimable and model leaders are Bo Kyum Bik and Bo Kai Kam who led the revolution against British colonialists, U Hlur Hmung, U Thawng Za Khup and U Kio Mung who signed the Panglong Agreement, Independence Mawgunwin (First Class) and Thadoe Maha Sithu titles winner U Wanma Thuu Maung, and Captain Thura Aung San Thuriya Thaik Chun who won Aung San Thuriya, the highest military medal for bravery in discharging State defence duties, and Thura medal. They are honourable and admirable leaders of Chin ethnic people. Preserving such a good tradition, I urge the entire Chin ethnic people to make efforts to produce good leaders of your ethnic people who will raise the prestige of Chin State and Chin people in the future.

Geographically, Chin State is a region with Taungzalat flowers flourishing in the high and noticeable mountains, cold weather, and beautiful scenery. It had been a peaceful and pleasant state, where it always preserved traditional culture and custom, too. But, in the current situation, destructive and violent acts,acts of breaching law and acts of sabotage in some regions of the nation including some areas in Chin State have caused loss of lustre to the state’s good tradition and are very dangerous for the nation. Realizing the true cause of such instability, it is necessary to be aware of the people taking acts to make the State broken up and their acts of instigation and cooperatively protect the State from sabotage acts.

In the period of taking responsibilities of the State, our State Administration Council is determined to achieve success in implementing the political, economic and social objectives and the five point roadmap that have been already laid down. We have made efforts to ensure internal and external peace and nationwide ceasefire and had friendly relations with international organizations and foreign nations. Despite such efforts to ensure peace, stability and allround development of the State, peace and stability still remains distant from the State due to foreign countries and foreign influenced organizations, that do not want to see our nation’s development, and violent acts of the people who are doing total annihilation by giving priority to ego and self-interest and obtaining power only and ignoring interests of the State.

Only after peace and stability, security and rule of law of the nation have been restored back to normal, can we proceed with the undertakings remaining to be done and that for the development of the nation.

As peace and stability and rule of law is crucial for development of the nation and nation building, we will endeavor to ensure the end of armed conflict for the development of the nation through keeping the current peace and stability. I request and urge all the people to work hand in hand with the Government for the emergence of a Union based on democracy and federalism, which is the objective we are implementing.

With the Government taking measures on all sides for ensuring nationwide improvement of socioeconomic life, tasks of extending and upgrading basic education schools, renovating education facilities and building new ones and appointing more teachers for development of human resources in Chin State are being carried out as well as expanding hospitals and clinics and fulfilling the need of physician for healthcare services.

Moreover, the Government is constantly implementing the project to ensure that the national power line expected by the people in Chin State is available all over their State. Highways linkable with the mainland and roads within the state are being expanded to ensure smooth transport and communication, and the projects for ensuring Kaladan River basin development and building a port in the town of Paletwa are being carried out in order that Chin State could communicate abroad by water as well.

Currently, arrangements have been made to spend Ks-400 billion from the National Disaster Management Fund as the State economic development fund.

Of the State economic development fund, Ks-10 billion has been provided for Chin State. Besides, Tedim and Paletwa were promoted from township level to district level in Chin State in order to ensure smoother administration work and better implementation of regional development tasks. I would like to urge the entire people in Chin State to work together in carrying out the tasks for development of Chin State and improvement of socioeconomic life.

Through this message, as it is very important that all the ethnic peoples equally participate in building the Republic of the Union of Myanmar formed and found with a variety of ethnic peoples as a peaceful, tranquil, modern and developed Union based on democracy and federalism, I urge all the people including Chin ethnic people in Chin State to join in unity.

Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu

Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing

Prime Minister

Chairman, State Administration Council