Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officer instructors and officer trainees from Command and General Staff College

Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officer instructors and officer trainees from Command and General Staff College

NAY PYI TAW  March 6

    Chairman of the State Admini-stration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with officer instructors and officer trainees from the Command and General Staff College in Kalaw and delivered a speech this afternoon.

Also present together with the Senior General were Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General  Tun Aung, senior military  officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Command Commander  Maj-Gen Hla Moe and the college principal.

Make constant efforts without losing sight of aims and objectives In  his   speech,  the   Senior General stressed the need for individual trainees to achieve good results from their training, saying that everyone has their aims and expectations. Since childhood, everyone has their ambitions so they need to work hard without losing sight of them. Lifelong efforts must be made to achieve one’s aims. Officer trainees themselves have reached their current status thanks to their constant hard work.

When they, as a one step higher rank perform their duties, they need to cultivate the habit of taking notes of what they can do and what they should do. In doing so, they will not find it difficult to shoulder their duties in the practical field. They also need to consider things ahead to find a solution when confronting difficulties.  

Effectively apply the skills they were taught As all the officer trainees are the ones capable of commanding their battalions and units, they need to try to better improve their own units based on the skills and experiences they acquired from the training. When it comes to management, they have to engage in general  staff, adjutant  and quartermaster tasks. So, systematic study of management will lead to good experiences and application of them in other fields.

The Command and General Staff College is producing physically and mentally able senior officers so that they become tactical operation commanders and staff officers. As regards military training, the military skills they were taught must be effectively employed. They need to have good leadership skills. Leadership requires way of thinking and the skill to mobilize their subordinates so that they can also have capabilities. 

Build a unit systematically through training, administration and welfare All Tatmadaw members have received basic military training and completed training courses they deserved. So, it is necessary to assign duties to a right person in a right place. Constant training is required for improving skills of individuals. Commandants themselves need to lead training to ensure their soldiers have skills and qualifications. As such, correct training is necessary to ensure they have enduring training. Military units must be systematically built through training, administration and welfare.

Individual soldiers need to receive constant training to be able to shoulder their duties correctly. By doing so, the quality of the Tatmadaw will be higher with good military disciplines. Rations are being provided to for the nutrition of Tatmadaw members, so they need to consume them fully.  As it is the food with systematically calculated nutrient proportion, taking it properly will be helpful to personal fitness and training measures as well as to achieving success in assigned duties. The commander concerned needs to provide supervision in order that each of the other ranks and their families could fully enjoy their rights and benefits. Regarding their welfare, it is necessary to systematically carry out agriculture and livestock farming, and the expenditure is to be properly with the rules and regulations too. In running the agricultural and livestock farming, profit is not important, and the priority is given to the welfare for Tatmadaw  members  and  their families only. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to common welfare in the militaryrun agriculture and livestock farming. It is to encourage the agriculture and livestock business by Tatmadaw members’ families on a manageable basis as much as possible because that will be helpful to their family expenses.

Regarding drinking and entertainment, it is necessary to limit yourself and officers and other ranks under your command as much  as  possible. Such behaviour of  enjoying drinking and entertainment will be harmful to capabilities of the military unit under your command. Everyone had their own ambition for life. Efforts must be made to achieve the ambition.  If we discharge our assigned duties with a sense of consideration and attentiveness, our  assigned  duties and mission will be accomplished.

Build good spirit of soldiers under your command as man is fundamental As man is fundamental in doing any business, it is necessary to have a sense of spirit to discharge  duties  assigned  and take measures to build a good spirit of the soldiers. More success will be achieved in missions if the soldiers under your command are always fit for duty and assigned duties to the right man, right place upon their individual capabilities and abilities. Regarding administration, rights and benefits of the soldiers under your command are to be provided properly through controlling yourself and your people. Consideration must be made in many ways to be able to find a solution to fulfill the needs of your people. If military discipline and administrative support are good through doing so, spirituality will be good and firm. Therefore, efforts must be made to become successful leaders. For individual development, studies and efforts are to be made as strong studies are helpful to conceiving ideas and inspiration. If commanders’ individual abilities and capabili-ties are good, the capabilities of units and forces will be high,

which means the entire Tatmadaw will be higher in capabilities.

Then, the Senior General and party cordially greeted the senior officer instructors and senior officer trainees.

In the afternoon, the Senior General and party had lunch together with senior officer instructors and senior officer trainees of the Command and General Staff College.