Academic measures to be undertaken for knowledge and skill development and life improvement of new generations with goodwill

Academic measures to be undertaken for knowledge and skill development and life improvement of new generations with goodwill

NAY PYI TAW March 30

Chairman of the State Admi-nistration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla and party this afternoon arrived in Sittwe of Rakhine State. At the airport, Rakhine State Chief Minister U Htein Lin, departmental officials and local residents warmly welcomed the Senior General and party with traditional dances.

At Sittwe University, the Senior General met with faculty members.

Also present at the meeting were the SAC joint secretary, the SAC members, Union ministers, Chief Minister of Rakhine State U Htein Lin, the Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) and senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Commander of Western Command Maj-Gen Htin Latt Oo and officials, Rector of the university Dr Khin Maung Zaw, prorectors and faculty members.

On arrival at the university, the Senior General and party were welcomed by Rector Dr Khin Maung Zaw and officials.

Rector Dr Khin Maung Zaw reported to the Senior General on academic measures at the university, opening of doctoral courses as from 2023-2024 academic year, appointment of faculty members in relevant departments, learning of students, conferring of degrees by Sittwe University, number of lecture halls and lecture buildings and their student capacity, construction of hostels, capacity and requirements, needs of more buildings for academic measures at the university and upgrading of sports grounds.

Union Minister for Education Dr Nyunt Pe also explained appointment of faculty members at Sittwe University in the tenure of State Administration Council, supply of necessary books, connection of internet, extended construction of buildings and plans for more buildings.

After hearing the reports, the Senior General said that university or Taxila is an institution to train advanced knowledge and techniques to the students and handle them to have good morale. It enhances capacity of the nation and the region. The university is an institution to teach students to have knowledge and techniques to be applied for development of the nation and the region. Building a country or a region requires a lot of wellversed human resources. Faculty members in the past learned University education under the colonial rule. At that time, the colonialist government oppressed the students not to improve knowledge of Myanmar but it sparked education boycotts.

In the tenure, the current government provides cash assistance and residential allowance to students for contribution to the university academic measures. Cash assistance depends on relevant professions. Such an act was carried out amid the economic downtrend of the State during the period of COVID-19.

The government made efforts for boosting manufacturing of products to increase incomes of the State. So, the State economy improves to some extent.

Education plays a key role in development of the nation. In retrospect, promotion of learning by students from grade to grade was down in the nation as well as Rakhine State. It is a challenge to the country, harming the development of the nation. Weakness in encouraging education may cause impacts on the State in all aspects and it cannot secure a cent per cent success. As residences are included among faculty members of Sittwe University, they all have to give systematic training to students to become the educated ones.

Basic education focuses on teaching while higher education pays attention to studying. So, systematic teaching is required for students to improve their way of thinking and have real education. Improved way of thinking will also improve their lives. Tertiary experience is important. The students coming from various regions should gain good experiences

in their lifestyle, living conditions, dress code and way of thinking that can improve their skills and knowledge as well as their socioeconomic life. They need to have experiences in their subjectwise skills as well as in social affairs. As university is a place that teaches such experiences, both teachers and students are urged to pay attention to the national cause rather than political affairs.

The students who got credits in respective subjects will be able to pursue far higher education. Although our country takes road to democracy, there are still weaknesses in respecting the rule of law, the basic of democracy, and economic outlooks for economic development. Students need to have legal and economic knowledge. So, the law subject is being taught at all the universities. Basic economics is also being taught for economic knowledge. Our vision is that university graduates will be able to improve their socioeconomic live and environments. Therefore, teachers are to train their students to improve their education and lives.

Officials need to take mea-sures to keep the university campus and surrounding areas neat and tidy so the students can take pride. In appointing and assigning faculty members, there should be a proportionate ratio of teachers to students.

There will be fulfilments for more accommodation and lecture halls for Sittwe University. Preparations must be made to consider the increased number students in coming academic years. The football ground will be upgraded. Administrative officials and faculty members to work together to improve the students’ education, the Senior General said.

Next, the Senior General and party went round on the campus by car.  

Later, the Senior General and wife and party went to Sittwe View Point where they viewed the local people taking their rest and recreation. The Senior General then instructed officials to make the View Point clean and pleasant.