Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses silver jubilee of Myanmar Computer Federation and computer associations

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses silver jubilee of Myanmar Computer Federation and computer associations

NAY PYI TAW January 26

Myanmar Computer Federation and computer associations held their silver jubilee at MICC-II here this morning, addressed by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Also present at the ceremony together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC members, union ministers, senior military officers, deputy ministers, ministry officials, rectors, principals, officials of associations, officials of MCF and related associations, ICT and digital entrepreneurs, MSME entrepreneurs from regions and states, students, and invited guests.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Chair- man of Myanmar Computer Science Development Council Deputy Prime Minister Union Minister for Transport and Communications General Mya Tun Oo, Union Minister for Science and Technology Dr Myo Thein Kyaw and MCF President U Min Zeya Hlaing formally opened the ceremony.

The Senior General and attendees were conducted around every booth of the computer science exhibition by officials, where they closely examined the displays.

At the second part of the ceremony held at the Plenary Hall, artists from the Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, per formed songs and dances.

The Senior General then formally opened the ceremony through the use of digital technology.

In his address, the Senior General said the computer federation and associations were set up 25 years ago in 1998 in accord with the 1996 Computer Science Development Law.

Based on professional, entrepreneur and amateur associations, MCF has different levels of branches in states and regions. They all deserve honour for their 25 years of arduous and collective efforts for the information technology development of the country.

As the ceremony’s theme “Towards Digital Myanmar” is suitable with the ongoing national digitalization activities, it may be much helpful for the activities.

Today the impact of digital technology can be seen any where in the world. Alongside the advancement of science and technology, opportunities are being created and realized through the application of digital technology. Countries that can effectively use digital tech nology in political, economic and social fields are gaining success. All must be aware of the power of digital technology to create everything at present. Hence, the country must try to set up a digital society and digital economy to always catch up with the world.

The nation has formed the e-Government Steering Committee to successfully install the e-Government system. It has also amended the structural setups of e-ID system task force and e-Government implementation task force to successfully carry out the task in accord with the policies and directives of the steering committee.

As a very important process, the National Database System Building Steering Committee was formed for applying e-ID system in order to register each resident of the nation as an Unique ID (UID) and such a plan is bieng implemented. The Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) will be applied in enumeration of the census in 2024.

The government, on its part, is applying digital system in commercial and administrative sectors with upgrading the creativity. The Digital Economy Development Committee- DEDC has been formed with the aim of developing the digital economic system as well as improving the socioeconomic life of the people.

The communication networks have been stretched across the nation for applying digital technology in all parts of the nation including rural areas. The more stretched the communication networks across the nation, the larger the number of users in social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Telegram and so on. In this regard, media must be efficiently app social lied. Anyone should not harm others in applying the social media, especially not encorach on national characters, State security and State interests.

The digital routine is a venue where value information is store and it is also a dump where information with lies and uncertainties are discarded. In order to safely apply digital technologies, individual users have adequate knowledge as well as abide by ethics and disciplines. And, necessary laws and rules must be enacted. The Myanmar Computer Federation monitor safety of information needs to technology of the people and raise public awareness about the information technology through different organizations, amend and issue necessary laws in cooperation with relevant departments and organizations.

Nowadays, the globe faces advancements of digital technology with momentum. In line with the motto: Towards Digital Myanmar, it is necessary to strive for aplying digital technology in order to keep abreast of other countries in politics, economic, social, education and health sectors and in order to be bebeficial for the development of the nation.

Currently, it can be seen that development of human resource is of importance in applying digital technology and developing the digital sector of Myanmar. The government is fulfilling the such requirements and the Myanmar Computer Federation and computer associations need to join hands with the government. If so, the digital transformation process can be implemented in a short time to come out the modern and developed nation.

The Senior General prayed for success of federation and computer associations in their respective sectors in serving the interests of the nation and the nationalities from the Silver Jubilee period to the future.

Then, Chairman of the Myanmar Computer Science Development Council Dpeuty Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Communications General Mya Tun Oo.

President of the federation U Min Zeyar Hlaing reported on development of ICT arena and undertakings of the federation and its associations.

The Senior General and party watched a video clip on the 25 year journey of the federation and associations.

The Union Minister presented prizes to winners in the internal and international ICT contests.

After the ceremony, the Senior General and party posed for documentary photos.