Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union Government meeting 1/2024

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union Government meeting 1/2024

Nay Pyi Taw January 29

     Improvement of education sector depends on collective efforts of students, teachers, parents and administrative bodies

      The Union Government held its meeting 1/2024 at the meeting hall of State Administration Council Chairman’s Office here this morning, addressed by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

    Also present were SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, union ministers and officials.

Region and state chief ministers took part in the meeting through video conferencing.

 SAC implementing goals and objectives for national development

    In his address, the Senior General said a government is an authority that is practically running the administrative machinery and economic machinery, enforcing the rule of law and implementing the social sector for the good of the country.

A democracy has the leading political party and parliaments to steer the country. It has to adopt and implement policies.

The Tatmadaw had to declare a state of emergency, set up the SAC, and implement the roadmap and objectives and they are the major strategies, strategies and techniques.

According to the Constitution, the country will exercise a federal system in accord with its situation. The Constitution stipulates the provisions to share the judicial power, administrative power and legislative power with regions and states. Region and state governments failed to fully implement the entrusted powers during the terms of the two previous democracy governments.

Hence, disappointments surfaced among the national races.

There appeared shortfalls in democracy because of the differences between one government and another in carrying out the functions. In this regard, SAC ensures equal development among regions and states to the most possible degree in accord with its adopted roadmap and objectives. The national economic project states the detailed list of year-wise work programs at union level and region/state level.

The union government has to provide assistance to the region/state-wise work programs, apart from implementing the roadmap and objectives.

Due to its heavy workload, the government is formed mostly with civil servants, who are well experienced in cabinet functions, as union level officials. This method is also applied in setting up region/state governments.

SAC is able to correct the past mistakes. But the political demands have generated problems.

The country would be developing at a pace much faster than the current speed if there were no political disturbances in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and attacks, COVID-19 pandemic and negative international response. SAC is implementing the objectives in a correct way. He thanked the union government and region governments for the success in implementing the task.

Budget rules must be observed in conducting development undertakings

    The Senior General then said, as regards the use of budget in national development undertakings, it is found that some of them were not completed in the designated period, and the nation had to face losses. Tasks that are truly beneficial and appropriate for the country must be successfully implemented.

Security, education, health and transport sectors must be prioritized.

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union Government meeting 1/2024 Improvement of education sector depends on collective efforts of students, teachers, parents and administrative bodies Defence prowess must be promoted in strengthening the national power, and the work calls for the application of ever advancing technologies. The Tatmadaw and the Myanmar Police Force under the Ministry of Home Affairs must be provided with up-to-date tools.

Efforts for boosting State economy The Senior General reiterated that he has talked about economy of the State in previous meetings. Starting from the late-2017, the country has been facing the down trends of State economy. At a time the government took office, State economy declined to -5.9 percent. It can be seen that economic management was wrong and an emphasis was placed on importing without encouraging domestic production.

Hence, the current government emphasized promotion of the State economy. So, the State economy surged to 2.4 percent amid outbreak of COVID- 19 and political problems in 2021-2022 financial year. Likewise, State economy reached 3.4 percent in 2022-2023 FY amid political problems and economic sanctions. Up to December in 2023-2024 financial year, State economy scored 3.3 percent.

All regions and states have progress except Kachin, Kayah and Rakhine states.

Needs to boost production for declining commodity prices

    Although Myanmar meets economic development, people are still facing high prices of commodities. Primarily, some differences happen between manufacturing and demand, in addition of high manufacturing charges. If production value is high, value of products will rise.

It was found that some businesspersons do not follow relevant disciplines in exporting and importing goods in foreign currency.

Likewise, non-trade incomes are not in line with prescribed rules and regulations.

So, incomes of foreign exchange decline and forex rate rises.

Consequently, value of inputs imported abroad is higher and then prices of commodities are spike.

With regard to domestic consumption, it is necessary to manufacture the products at least cost and sell them at a narrow margin. The government is responsible for creation of deserved economic opportunities.

If all strive for production of crops meeting the target, products will rise and producers will have larger incomes as well as demand will be higher. If so, supply will increase, contributing to batter monetary circulation.

Hence, it is necessary to boost production. Increased income can much develop the State economy.

Needs to strive for meeting target of agricultural production

    It is necessary to seek the best ways for lack of target agricultural production and lesser per-acre yield. Quality strains of crops must be provided; soil must be properly prepared with necessary fertilizers; agricultural water must be supplied;

and agricultural techniques and modern methods must be applied. If so, agricultural tasks will have the target production with a greater success. In this regard, all measures of livestock breeding sector must also be done. Hence, region and state chief ministers have to emphasize agriculture and livestock breeding sectors. They have to strive for successful implementation of the assigned duties and missions.

Needs to systematically manage commodity production and natural resource extraction

     In the trade sector, Myanmar faces trade deficit yearly with weakness in manufacturing rather than regional countries.

If agricultural produce meets the target, the export volume will increase. For example, if paddy alone meets the target production, the State economy will much develop. In order to have success in all work processes and increase per-acre yield, the government has provided capitals to businesspersons from the State economic promotion fund. However, securing success is still weak due to various reasons. As such, relevant ministries and officials need to strive for achieving success.

The Senior General disclosed his attitude, saying that he does not encourage extraction of underground and aboveground natural resources for exportation but allows the items from renewable resources due to needs of the State. Although forest resources can be extracted and used in necessary places, trees must be regrown systematically not to degrade the natural environment.

Rule of law measures necessary to be systematic and in accord with procedures, rules and disciplines

    Regarding law enforcement, there are still weaknesses. In terms of law enforcement, there are administrative organizations, and when it comes to security, there are the Tatmadaw and the Myanmar Police Force.

State employees must be free from party politics and not work for individuals but for the benefit of the country. Therefore, duty assumptions should be in accord with the prescribed rules and disciplines in order to avoid administrative and security weaknesses.

The government is apolitical and not a political one.

The government is made up of mostly civil servants, and in the regions and states, only civil servants are assigned according to their levels. Therefore, the rule of law and administration must be correct and must be in accordance with the rules and regulations without bias.

Civil servants being provided with cash awards

      For State employees, the government provided support.

Although the salary rate for civil servants could not be increased, there were other kinds of support and awards. The main thing is to decrease high commodity prices, and the aim was to increase production and decrease commodity prices.

Pension benefit rates have also been increased for retired civil servants. Awards are being provided especially for education, health and security sectors.

Arrangements are also being made to ensure convenient living conditions.

Necessary to take comprehensive measures to ensure the successful completion of all basic education school examinations that will be held soon

    In relation to education, measures are being taken to open all schools, universities and colleges across the country, but there are schools in some areas that cannot be opened due to regional security conditions.

For example, some townships of Kayah State, Chin State Sagaing Region, Shan State (North) and Rakhine State could not open their schools due to armed violence and threats. Measures were taken to open as many schools, universities and colleges as possible, but they are unable to open because of those who carry out acts of sabotage. Therefore, students are suffering a lot. The basic education exams will be held in February and March, and officials in various regions and states must try to ensure the successful completion of those exams. All the officials of the government must pay special attention. Security officials and those wanting to serve their regional interests need to work together. The loss of a school year affect students, their parents and the country, so all need to ensure that there are no such losses. As there are those who are committing subversive acts without sympathy with intent to harm the country’s education sector, concerted efforts must be exerted to improve the education sector. What is important at present is the successful completion of all basic school examinations, and the governing bodies security organizations,

townspeople, students, teachers and parents need to make concerted, energetic efforts, said the Senior General.

Then, the union ministers reported their respective tasks.

After that, the Senior General gave further suggestions regarding the presentations. In his concluding remark, he said that cement is one of the imports that the country has to carry out. It is not possible to produce highgrade cement domestically, but the cement used in basic construction works can be produced sufficiently. To make sure that the cement plants in the country operate with full capacity, efforts of the Ministry of Industry and support of other relevant ministries are required.

Efforts must be made to produce enough cement for the country.

Similarly, iron and steel are essential materials for construction works. They are also imported from abroad every year.

There are already favourable conditions to produce enough iron and steel domestically. But there is no production capacity yet, so the steel factories are working to be able to operate.

Officials also need to organize businessmen to invest in iron and steel industries.

Regarding electricity, in addition to the big projects being implemented by the State, it is necessary to run small-scale electricity projects in the regions and states. Moreover, respective regions and states need to work to generate electricity from renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power and solar power, the Senior General commented.