Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union Government meeting 2/2024


Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union Government meeting 2/2024


Nay Pyi Taw February 2

    The Union Government held its meeting 2/2024 at the meeting hall of State Administration Council Chairman’s Office here this morning, addressed by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Also present were SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, union ministers and officials.

Region and state chief ministers took part in the meeting through video conferencing.

In his address, the Senior General said it’s the first meeting of the newly reformed government.

The new government must serve duties with new spirit and strength. The government made some changes in the past, but the adopted policies remained unchanged, and it achieved national development to a certain degree amidst the hardships.

Union ministers and chief ministers should strive to gain further progress in realizing the visions in the coming years, while utilizing the good foundations in hand.

The nation is implementing the five-point roadmap and nine objectives. Basic duty of a government is to ensure stability and development in political, economic and social sectors.

Although economic and social development depends on individual efforts in a democratic country, the government has to play the leading role in making way for the progress of the system.

In a democracy, the government’s role is important.

Although the government in office is not a political government, it will have to develop the political, economic and social sectors. The national situation was restored because the country had political weaknesses, caused by the attempts to grab state power with the false ballot results and improper way and to install democracy through insincere ways. Hence, the government must steer the country on a path where the political system is purified and democracy and the Union federal administration system are correct.

Robust driving force for national development

    National development needs strong driving forces – political strength, economic strength and defence strength. Skilled leaders should systematically steer the country on a correct political path to strengthen political power. In this way, the country will be peaceful, stable and united. As for national economic development and individual wealth, all the people of the country must play their role dutifully. Sufficiency in basic needs ensures good moral conduct; hence, the defence power will be strong only if the country’s economy is healthy.

Effective defence prowess must be built and rule of law must be enforced

       Financial power is required to build up the defence power. Currently, Tatmadaw members are serving national defence duties and Myanmar Police Force is their partner. All of them are daringly serving their duties by sacrificing life, blood and sweat.

So, the State must recognize and honor them to the most possible degree. In fact, it is an inclusive campaign, because they are safeguarding national sovereignty, and not the government.

Police members are ensuring the rule of law in the entire country. All must provide collective support for their spiritual and physical development and to raise their morale.

In defence there is the ability and power. Ability must be built through constant individual training. As for the power, all the weapons, machinery, equipment and tools must be powerful. Up to-date materials must be used.

In this regard, Tatmadaw and MPF must be upgraded to enhance defence ability and defence power.

The strength of MPF, which is enforcing the rule of law, should meet the national requirement.

They must be trained to be qualified and must be the ones reliable and trusted by the people. Police members must be indivisible with the people.

People must understand and obey the law with common sense.

Consequently, people need school education. So, the government is launching education promotion campaigns.

The country’s export volume was low as its production capacity was also small. The export volume is rising since the amendment of foreign exchange policy.

But a rise in exports should not cause shortages in the country.

Hence, the country must increase its domestic production. Union ministries must play the leading role in increasing domestic production for national economic development. Moreover, chief ministers should successfully realize the projects.

As a farming-based country, it must try to hit the set targets through four means: strain, land, water and technology. But the progress depends much on

the persons taking the responsibility sector wise. Responsible persons must give special priority to increasing the products of the farming sector. People of the sector must be trained to become skilled lab our.

The country has to use a lot of foreign currency to import edible oil and dairy products for domestic consumption. The country has large areas of land suitable to grow edible oil crops.

Oil producing regions and states must give priority to meeting the oil cultivation and production targets. Likewise, main dairy producer regions and states should give priority to increasing dairy products.

As the country has sound foundations for successfully operating agriculture and livestock businesses, efforts must be made for boosting production. If so, import volume can be reduced as well as spending of foreign exchange can be decreased.

Consequently, monetary circulation will improve at home and State economy will develop. If so, people in individuals will have improved socioeconomic life.

Ministries have to provide   assistance and technologies to the people who are engaged in manufacturing. Likewise, it is necessary to arrange construction of manufacturing roads and agricultural water for production.

All ministries have to help rural people be healthy and fit, enjoy employment and enjoy knowledge and rule of law. If so, rural people will have improved workability. First priority must be given to development of agriculture and livestock farms to improve the State economy.

Manufacturing quality products rather than quantity in MSME businesses

      MSME business plays a key role in Myanmar, similar to other countries. They include cottage industries as well as medium sized industries. Industrialized countries are also focusing on MSME businesses. MSME is of important in business and efforts must be made for production of quality products not emphasizing quantity. If MSME businesses are operated with the strength of educated persons, it will have greater progress.

So, it is necessary to apply modern technologies for booming businesses. As such, the best way must be sought for successful operating production with the use of technologies, experiences, human resources and modern techniques.

Availability of raw materials and inputs are important for development of MSME businesses.

Using raw materials at agriculture and livestock farms at home are sure for production of goods, so these raw materials must be used in manufacturing quality products with the use of technology.

 It is necessary to create chances for taking necessary inputs and capitals. Development of production based on agriculture and livestock must be prioritized at first and the second priority must be development of MSME.

Enhancement of education and health sectors

It is necessary to turn out intelligentsia and intellectuals for boosting production of the nation. With regard to education promotion plan, all people have completed the KG+9 scheme and other necessary reforms must be conducted without fail.

Moreover, efforts are being made to arrange smooth and convenient process for health staff and uplift their capacity.

It needs to honour the education staff serving duties in the remote areas, and not only the government but officials need to fulfill their needs. As they are serving duties in their assigned regions amid difficulties so as to turn out the human resources important for the future of the State, the government needs to provide necessary facilities for them so as to improve the education sector.

Hence, all have to deeply consider education promotion processes.

Likewise, an emphasis must be placed on health sector promotion contributing to the education sector. Only when they are healthy will they have capacity to improve education, social and economic sectors.

As such, it is necessary to honor and encourage health staff as well as improve hospitals and buildings with full medications.

Moreover, the health sector must be fulfilled more and more.

The government will fulfill the needs of education and health sectors.

At present, the majority of Union ministers appointed at the government are retired government service personnel.

So, they have to manage relevant ministries with the empathy over staff. They have to follow prescribed rules and regulations, procedures and laws in promoting ranks and transfer staff. Service personnel need to dutifully serve their tasks and officials need to manage their departments fairly. Moreover, relevant Union ministers and officials at different levels have to manage staff

in a fair manner and always contact them to attend to the needs. It is necessary to enhance capacity of staff and supervise them under the prescribed disciplines. They have to give guidelines to State service personnel to improve their socioeconomic lives and show the correct ways of life.

As guiding the staff aims to serving the interest of the State, Union ministers have to consider their duties.

Effectively applying authority entrusted under the Constitution

     In exercising democratic and federal systems, all citizens need to understand the wording federal. In fact, the wording federal means sharing of authority in order to initiate integration and harmony. Laws must be enacted in regions and states in the sectors allowed under the constitution. If not, the Union government issues the ordinances for managing regions and states. As such kinds of processes could not be done, confidence over the federalism declines.

It is necessary to effectively apply the authority entrusted under the Constitution for the sake of the nation.

The successful conduct of examinations of basic education schools Soon, the students from the basic education schools will take the exam, and all officials from all levels of administration, including those responsible for Administrative and security officials, need to make an all-round effort for all school-going children to attend without missing school and for the smooth completion of the examination.

Currently, the hot and dry weather has arrived, so there is a need to prepare and carry out fire prevention activities in the offices, wards and villages.

On the other hand, we must    take action   to ensure that our homes, roads, wards, villages and schools clean and tidy beautiful.

The summer school vacation period will soon arrive and the tourism season will begin, we need to make it green and clean and beautiful for the region and environment according to the ministries, regions and states to ensure the development of tourism. Promoting tourism cannot be done by a single ministry, but locals and officials must work together. In the tourism business, we need to take strict action to provide systematic and healthy living and dining services to the people who come to their region according to the location.

At the same time, in order to solve the problem of water scarcity, which happens every time we reach the summer period, we need to plan in advance.

We need to carry out field inspections and make   preparations for sufficient access to drinking water and improving the flow of water in creeks and drainages. It will not be enough to ensure cleanliness only by the responsible people from the municipality, but the community must also participate. It is true that the government must take the lead for the development of the country, but development can only be strengthened if the entire public works together.

The government must take the lead in carrying out activities that benefit the public and country with the collective efforts of the people.

After that, the Union Ministers present the state of the Union's annual budget, revenue to cash ratio, deficit to GDP ratio, implementing to obtain national registration cards through Pan Kain project, electoral operations, completion of preparatory work for the national population and household census, the progress of the agricultural sector by year and the implementation of achieving the target yields by crop, encouraging the development of the livestock sector, annual foreign investment inflow and Myanmar investment, preparing to produce new types of high-value products according to the type of agricultural products, completion of preparatory work to hold basic education and higher education examinations, annual export and import status, planning to provide more public health care activities, and the conditions of winning medals in international sports competitions and promoting the high level of sports.

Then, Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Chairman of the State Administration Council, added that the state funds need to be used beneficially.

It is needed to carry out effective and beneficial activities without prioritizing ostentation.

Only when the taxes are collected in full can the development of regions and states be carried out. It is needed to maintain and use the vehicles and equipment given to ministries in an orderly manner. When appointing staff according to need, we need to appoint only the staff that is really needed.

In terms of agriculture, priority must be given to increasing the yield per acre rather than expanding the acreage. It is most beneficial to improve the yield on the existing agricultural land. We need to be able to grow and produce crops that can be exported abroad. In order to improve the fitness of our people, we need to change the eating style and make it a habit to eat rice together with wheat. Therefore, there is a need to improve wheat cultivation in areas where wheat can be grown.

Regarding the census of population and household contents, it is the government's responsibility to conduct a census every ten years according to the standard. Based on the information obtained from the census, we will be able to correctly determine the steps to be taken in the future for the state. It is not only for the correctness of the voter lists, but also for obtaining education, social and health information. Therefore, the census work, security and law enforcement are an important business for us.

Regarding investments, local entrepreneurs who can invest in the country need to be encouraged by relevant ministries and regions and states to be able to work in agriculture, livestock and manufacturing industries.

Only then will domestic currency circulation be strengthened.

Regarding the health care business, there are those who travel abroad and receive health care. There are other difficulties as well as spending money abroad due to such a trip.

Therefore, domestic health care activities and private health care activities must be improved.

Similarly, everyone needs to work together to promote the sports sector, the Senior General said.

Then, the Chairman of the State Administration Council, the Prime Minister, said in his closing speech, officials from each ministry, the regional and state officials must continue to implement their responsibilities and carry out the progress and success of their respective fields of responsibility based on the five-point roadmap and nine objectives. It is necessary to know about the field he is responsible for, about subordinates and the situation on the ground.

Therefore, the ministers must continuously study according to the field in order to get support in implementing strategic plans for the progress of business operations according to the relevant fields.

Some regions are found to be lagging behind in development.

Since we are a union, their regions should not be left out, but development should be implemented according to their regions.

Regarding exports, if we can export as specified in the trade, the trade deficit will decrease.

Therefore, the relevant ministers, Region and State Chief Ministers must carry out successful manufacturing activities in order to increase exports. It was reported that the meeting was adjourned after saying that he believed that if we would really work, we would be successful in all aspects of their work, and he wanted them to do their best according to the sector they were responsible for.