​​​​​​​SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win addresses Myanmar Film Award Ceremony for 2023

SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win addresses Myanmar Film Award Ceremony for 2023

Nay Pyi Taw February 3

A ceremony to present Myanmar Film Awards for 2023 took place at Myanmar International Convention Center-1 in Nay Pyi Taw this evening, attended and addressed by State Administration Council Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice[1]Senior General Soe Win.

Present on the occasion were Daw Than Than Nwe, the wife of the Vice-Senior General, SAC Members and their wives, the Union-level officials and their wives, the Union Ministers and their wives, the Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman and his wife, high-ranking military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and their wives, the commander of Nay Pyi Taw Command and his wife, deputy ministers, the patrons, the chairman and members of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, the Myanmar Press Council chairman, Myanmar Theatrical and Music Associations’ chairpersons and members, Myanmar Academy Award Scrutiny Board members, the people from the film, literature, theatre and music industries, responsible officials and special invitees.

Before the start of the ceremony, singers and artists performed music.

First, the Vice-Senior General and wife viewed the documentary photos those who won the Myanmar Film Awards from 1952 to 2022, award-winning films and award-winning artists and technicians displayed in the entrance walkway of the Jade Hall where the ceremony would be held.

After that, artists from the Department of Fine Arts under the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture and Forever Group showed six famous movies from the beginning of Myanmar’s film industry to next 100 years, holding successive Academy awards.

After that, the Vice-Senior General opened the 2023 Myanmar Film Academy Award Ceremony by erecting the Academy Golden Star on the switchboard.

Next, the Myanmar Radio and Television and the Information and Public Relations Department showed a video clip of the documentary "Finding great results in the centenary and improving Myanmar’s film industry".

Addressing the ceremony, the Vice-Senior General said that he was very proud and happy to honor great film artists on this auspicious occasion. World cinema began to appear in the late 19th century, and Myanmar cinema began to appear in the early 20th century, so it can be said that the early era of Myanmar cinema was able to compete with the world.

The movie "Mitta and Sura", which was first released in 1920, was written by a Myanmar writer and screenwriter. It was a real Myanmar film made by a Myanmar director and a photographer featuring Myanmar actors.

The people who created the film are a Myanmar’s cinema veteran cinema, U Ohn Maung, along with director U Tok Gyi, screenwriter P Moe Nin, movie photographer U Maung Maung, movie actor U Ba Htay (U Nyi Pu), Movie actress Ma Aye Kyi (Ma Aye Yi), and other Myanmar nationals such as villain actor Maung Maung Chit, must be respected and remembered as the first people who opened the history of Myanmar cinema beautifully.

Revisiting the journey of Myanmar cinema over the past hundred years, film professionals have faced all kinds of difficulties, but they have been able to provide the citizens of Myanmar with a sense of life. They have tried to create and produce many movies that can share their life experiences.

In other words, from silent to audible films, from black and white to colour films, and from small to wide screen, they have made efforts to develop the film industry along with the development of the international film industry. Therefore, they all should be respected and recognized for their hard work.

In addition, from the colonial era to the Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, the Diamond Jubilee and the Centenary Era, not only the happy and enchanting social life between various eras, but also the important roles of the State have been reflected in their artistic works and that they have been able to fulfill their responsibilities towards the country and the people with their knowledge and understanding of art.

Then, the Vice-Senior General called on Myanmar's film industry to continue its efforts for sake of the country and the people by keeping the changing trends.

On May 14, 2023, due to the severe storm Mocha that hit Sittwe and nearby towns in Rakhine State, the local people suffered and got into trouble witnessing damage. In the aftermath of the storm, artists from, music, theatrical and film industries came together to support and help as much as possible. They personally visited, gave encouragement, and performed dances and organized football matches to raise funds for the victims. Everyone from different countries of the world, not only in Myanmar, felt delighted to see the activities of Myanmar artists. And that means a family spirit or unity has developed in times of emergency. This is the unity and nationalistic spirit of artists for their own country.

In other words, the Myanmar Film Association has upheld the motto of "Film is for the people" for successive eras, for which the government expressed its gratitude and prayed greater success

In particular, he stressed that while working on national and public affairs, it is important for all those from the literature, film, theatrical and music in dustries to prioritize organizations over individuals and national affairs over organizations. In that way, they are to work together for the brighter future of their country.

Today, the government is implementing two national goals of "prosperity of the country and food security". In order for the country to be prosperous, it is necessary to be selfsufficient in food, and only if we can increase the production and sale of various types of products based on agriculture and livestock, the social and economic life of the people will develop rapidly. The Central Committee for the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is headed by the Prime Minister, and the working groups and sub-groups are cooperating with the respective responsible ministries and organizations to carry out at a fast pace. In addition, regional stability and peace, the rule of law and socio-economic life development factors are also basic requirements that will be mandatory. In order to fulfill these requirements, all citizens must have love for the country and their people based on the civic nationalism to shape the future of the country.

An artist reflects the performance of a country and society and has a strong element of motivation and encouragement to the people. It is a great treasure of culture with substances and elements. In other words, it is also a bridge for communication between cultures. Combined with vision, hearing and emotions, the strength is very large and it can not only touch people's hearts, but also change people's emotions. The content revealed by an art plays a very important role in showing the value of culture, which can have both good and bad effects for the nation and its people.

Therefore, I would like to strongly urge the artists who are attending the event, to work together with the government for our country, development of our people, to keep the love of country and spirit of patriotism alive, national peace, unity and development.

In 2023, 35 films were screened, and the outstanding artists and professionals from these films will be screened and evaluated step by step, and awards will be presented. It can be said that the film industry, which was temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 disease, has been revived in almost normal conditions in 2023.

Not only the Myanmar film industry but also the unity of all the artists in film, music and dramatic art, it has returned to normal because of the leadership and unity of the relevant organizations and I would like to express my gratitude to all those who participated.

He said that no matter what difficulties the people of the film industry encountered in the journey of Myanmar cinema, they have benefited the nation with their artistic skills and knowledge, and filled the hearts of the people with all kinds of art and with energy.

The government will continue to provide appropriate support for the development of various sectors such as literature, the film, music and dramatic art. Film artists are not only entertaining the people, but also portray the country's culture and lovely Myanmar customs. He would like to further encourage them to film and present for the development of love for the country in comparison with nationalism, improve people's awareness and the success of the national goals.

Today, the government is fulfilling the functions that should be done based on the natural state of the nation and the reality, whether according to the current state of the world or not. According to the natural situation of their country, it is necessary for all citizens to understand and accept that non-disintegration of the union, non-disintegration of the national solidarity and consolidation of sovereignty are the most necessary and appropriate national goal, national objective and national responsibility.

In the post-Cold War period, some powerful countries used various methods to dominate and control smaller countries as they wished. Among the strategies and approaches being implemented, the field of cultural role is also important, and if the country's culture is destroyed, the citizens' sentiments will also be destroyed through the destruction of the love of the country, patriotism and the loss of the will to protect national pride can easily lead to a subordinate country. Today's situation must be seen as an example on the world political stage. Especially, some are using words like human rights and democracy and saying they worry about it, they are shaking with fear and they only want to resolve it peacefully. Even they are sided with the powerful countries and there is a need for national consciousness and national awareness as they are also colluding under the shadow of coercion and influence.

In such a situation, we must also be aware of foreign dependents, such as individuals with low national morals, puppets and those who receive things in charity or support, who are attacking their own country in various ways to make it unstable, destroy and make the conflicts bigger.

Today, it is very dangerous for the country if they are working with without unity among themselves, ignoring the interests of the country and the people and creating doubts, selfishness and false ideas. Therefore, I would like to urge the artists to try their best for the benefit of the nation and its people with the right awareness.

It is hoped that the artists who won academy awards this year will be motivated to make more efforts in the artistic field for further success.

Similarly, those who did not win awards this year are urged to enhance their artistic talent and to win awards in the future. Artists are solemnly requested to exert efforts to prevent the extinction of Myanmar traditional characteristics and prevalence of foreign cultures and traditions and to contribute to the interests of the country and the people out of their artistic talents and national spirit by adapting the changing trends of the times.

Then, Chairman of the Myanmar Motion Pictures Association winner of academy awards U Kyi Soe Tun spoke words of happiness.

Afterward, the master of ceremonies introduced the boys and girls who helped to present awards at the ceremony one by one to the audience.

Then, the Myanmar Academy Fashion Awards, which are conferred on winners among the artists who attended the ceremony, and Academy Khant Sithu won the Myanmar Academy Fashion Awards for Actors (Veterans) while Academy Khin Thida Tun won the similar award for actresses. Henry San won the Myanmar Academy Fashion Award for Actors while actress Ei Chaw Po won the similar award for actresses. The awards were presented to them by winner of academy awards Swe Zin Htike.

Then, the master of ceremonies explained the selection process of academy awards for 2023 briefly.

Afterward, academy awards were presented and Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn announced the winners of lifelong academy awards for 2023.

Then, the Vice-Senior General and wife presented the lifelong academy awards, which are proudly conferred on winners by the Myanmar Motion Pictures Association and the film industry including artists and technicians, to Director Aung Myint Myat, Academy Nwet Nwet San and Director Academy Pahchi Soe Moe, who spoke words of thanks to all.

Afterwards, academy awards for technicians and artists were announced and The best cinematography award and the best film music award went to Win Lwin Htet and Kaung Set Paing (Music City) respectively for the film "Kan Kaung" while Director Academy Nyo Min Lwin won the best screenplay award for his film "The Teacher''. Khitara Film Production won the best film award for Kan Kaung while the best director award went to Director Tin Aung Soe (Panmyotaw) for his film "Saung Ni Lay Ta Hte" (A red blanket). The best supporting actress and the best supporting actor awards went to May Myintmo for the film "Mone Khwint" and Ne Win for the film "Yeywemo" respectively while the best actress and the best actor awards were respectively won by winner of academy awards Soe Myat Thuza for the film "Bel Talt Ma Ashone Ma Pay Bu (Never Surrender) and winner of academy awards Yan Aung for the film "Saung Ni Lay Ta Hte).

The academy gold statuettes were presented to the academy award winners by Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn and veteran artists and the award winners spoke words of thanks.

During the ceremony, artists from the Myanmar Comedians Association, the Myanmar Motion Pictures Association and the Myanmar Thabin Association performed entertainment programs in turn.

Then, the Vice-Senior General and wife posed for documentary photographs together with the academy award winners for 2023 and cordially greeted scholars, technicians and artists from the film, literature and music fields.

At the ceremony, awards were presented for best films shown in 2023 by selecting them by the Myanmar Motion Pictures Academy Awards Selection Board phase by phase.

It has been 104 years since the Myanmar film industry was established in 1920. The board for enhancement of the quality of Myanmar motion pictures has been presenting academy awards to outstanding artists and technicians in the film industry with the aim of enhancing the quality of Myanmar films since 1952.

Before 1994, new academy award categories increased to 10 by creating the best director award in 1954, the special award in 1955, the best cinematography award in 1956, the best supporting actor and actress awards in 1962, the best screenplay award, the best film music award and the best sound effect award in 1990. The categories increased to 11 in 1994, when the best film editing award was added.

In 1993 and later, the two-tical silver stars attached to the mythical Kinnari academy statuettes were replaced with two-tical gold stars, which have now been replaced with five-tical gold stars since 2017.