Armed insurgents, rioters attack police stations in Demoso, Moebye by taking public houses, buildings and religious edifices as covers

Nay Pyi Taw May 26

The security forces discharging security duties in Pruhso Township of Kayah State arrested 74 male suspects along with evidences of attending the training at an armed organization, at the detour of Pruhso on 30 April and put them under investigation for security measures in the state. Then, the organizations

involved in the matter were warned to live in peace without supporting the armed insurrections.

While security forces were taking security measures in towns and villages at about 3 pm on 21 May, combined units of armed insurgents and terrorists attacked the Myoma police station in Demoso from the precinct of Theravada Hilly Missionary Monastery, in the east of the police station, with the use of grenades and small arms. When the security forces performed counterattacks,

armed insurgents retreated from the place.

Moreover, some 30 armed insurgents opened fire at Namphe police outpost in Bawlakhe Township, from the public residential areas, east and south to the police outpost, with the use of small arms.

So, security forces responded to their attacks.

On the morning of 23 May, some 70 armed insurgents and terrorists attacked Moebye police outpost in Pekhon Township from residential buildings in Pwekon and PawU wards, south and southwest of the police outpost, with the use of heavy weapons and small arms.

Moreover, those insurgents in three motor schooners from Moebye Dam attacked the police outpost. Security forces from Loikaw marched to Moebye for giving reinforcement but on their way they were blocked and attacked. So, the security forces from Moebye station abandoned the camp due to unbalance of strengths.

It was reported that some security forces fell in the incident and some went missing.

At the same time, the combined force of armed insurgents and terrorists attacked Warikawkhu security combined outpost about 2,500 kilometers east of Moebye.

There was exchanged of fire and some security troops were wounded.

Security forces from the local battalion faced attacks from the homes and lanes by Loikaw-Demoso Road when they were returning to Loikaw from Moebye as reinforcements.

They were attacked again when arriving near Nwalabok junction with heavy and small weapons by the armed insurgents from Kayanthaya Village taking the homes as cover. The security forces returned fire forcing the insurgents

to retreat. In the incident, 40mm empty shells, AK-47, M-16 empty shells and personal items used by about 100 insurgents from inside the church in Kayanthaya Village were seized.

On the evening of 23 May, the combined force of armed insurgents and terrorists taking the hospital to the north of Demoso Myoma Police Station, the high school in the east, the monastery in the south, the football field in the west and the education office as cover tried to surround the police station.

But, the security forces managed to counter-attack them.

On 25 May morning also, about 200 armed insurgents attacked Demoso Myoma Police Station by taking the homes and administrative and religious buildings as cover.

The counter-attacks by the security forces led them to retreat.

In the incident, some security forces had to sacrifice their lives for the country and some other were injured. Some bodies of camouflaged insurgents, AK-47 and M-16 guns and accessories were seized.

During the shoot-out, a combined group of the armed insurgents and rioters took position at the embankment of Ngwetaung Dam and a place near 6-Mile Village and blocked and shot at security personnel, who came to reinforce Demoso Myoma Police Station, from houses on both sides of the road with heavy and small weapons. There was an exchange of fire. During security measures taken around the police station this evening, three bodies of armed insurgents were found and seized between the fence of monastery and residential buildings along with two M-22 automatic rifles, one BA-63, four homemade mines, 10 detonators and accessories.

Although the combined groups of armed insurgents and rioters took houses, administrative offices and religious buildings as cover and deliberately attacked security personnel, who are taking security measures for enforcing law and order and tranquility of the region, on purpose of launching an attack in the form of an urban warfare, the security personnel resisted their attack in compliance with self-defence rules mentioned in Rules of Engagement (ROE) on Urban Warfare.

Security personnel will take measures day and night to ensure peace and stability and to make sure that armed insurgents are not able to come, stay and move in the area. It is required for the people, who wish to live tranquilly, to have cooperation. Action will be effectively taken against those, who incite violence and are involved in it, under the existing laws.