KNDO group abducts 47 civilians working on regional development in Myawady District, brutally kills 25 for no reason


An incident happened in which a group led by Saw Pa Wah with a rank of captain from KNDO abducted 47 innocentcivilian workers from the project of constructing U-hu creek bridge on Kanelay- Mawkhi Road near Kanelay village, Wawlay town, being implemented by the local battalion for regional development and road transport improvement in Myawady District, Kayin State, on 31 May and brutally killed some of them for no apparent reason.

In the incident, about 30 armed men led by Saw Pa Wah from KNDO threatened a total of 47 civilians—31 men, 6 women and 10 children—working for the U-hu creek bridge construction project at gun point and took them away in a dumper truck on 31 May.

Security forces were in hot pursuit of them for the release of the abductees. On 1 and 9 June, six men, six women and 10 children totalling 22 could be saved. Six of them are being provided with medical treatment by Tatmadaw medical corps for their wounds inflicted by small weapons.

The security forces continued their search and rescue works to save the remaining abductees in no time. And on the afternoon of 11 June, an incinerated body was found about 1,300 metres north-east of U-hu creek bridge. A further search around that place also led to the discovery of the decomposing bodies of six people who were brutally killed with their hands in the back in a heap of soil. Eighteen other decomposing bodies were found again on 12 June. Officials from the bridge construction project identified the dead bodies with their national registration cards and informed their respective parents and relatives about the case. Murder cases are being opened at the police station concerned.

It was a sheer terrorist act to brutally murder the innocent civilians working on regional development. Therefore, Tatmadaw columns are continuing their security duties as necessary in order to expose and crush the terrorist group. 100