Local company building glass bridge near Goteik Viaduct in Shan State


The first glass bridge of Myanmar will be built at a place near Goteik Viaduct Nawnghkio in northern Shan State.

The glass bridge will cross over a place that has an area of 17 acres. There will also be a recreation park, a playground, bungalows, flysheet huts and restaurants, alongside the glass bridge in the area. Shan State government has already reached a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the project, and will work for the signing of a memorandum of agreement (MoA). 

The 200-foot long and 120-foot wide glass walkwaybridge will be buttressed by towers at an elevation of 160 feet. The glass bridge project will be implemented with the involvement of the regional development group.

The road from Nawnghkio to Goteik has already been built by the government, and the Cherry Muse Company is undertaking the road section from Goteik to the project site.

The estimated investment for the glass bridge is nearly US$-5 million. The main contractor of the project has invited the involvement of local enterprises in the project under common interest.

The project will generate job opportunities for the people of the villages in the surrounding areas. Under a two-year project, the estimated opening date of the bridge is set in 2022, according to the information released by the Cherry Muse Company.