MAPEA providing necessary technology and information for avocado farmers


Myanmar Avocado Producers and Exporters Association (MA-PEA) is conducting technological courses for growing quality strains in the country, and will arrange additional courses at the request of the avocado farmers, said Daw Nang Hkam Oo, coordinator of the association. Domestic avocado market is in good shape as the local demand is rising. Courses are being conducted as the production of quality fruits has become a requisite.

 “We are providing knowledge, technology and other necessary courses for producing quality avo-cado. We are conducting avocado farming and production courses, pest control courses, harvesting co-urses for growers. We are arranging courses whenever the demand from farmers comes. Farmers are mostly interested in grafting these days,” the association coordinator said.

Avocado is tasty and is good for health. Some put in the dishes because of its richness in nutrition and deliciousness in taste. Avocado is good for bowels as the fruit is rich in fiber. It can also maintain a healthy bodyweight. Apart from its high local demand, Myanmar avocado has foreign market because of its quality. The association will export more avocados.

The MAPEA is disseminating technology and information necess-ary in helping farmer produce standard quality avocados. It is also holding talks on systematic picking methods and safe storage system in cooperation with experts.