Mobile market operator creates new market for fruit growers


A mobile market operator is arranging for fruit growers to be able to sell their produce as it is difficult for fruit growers to sell their produce due to COVID-19.

Not only seasonal fruits but also fruits that are produced around the year will be sold on mobile market, according to operator U Min Zaw.

“If they have difficulties to sell seasonal fruits, we can arrange for them to sell on mobile markets. No watermelon is in season. But,  it is high in demand from China currently, and growers therefore are only exporting to that country. But when they have difficulties, we can sell their produce. There are buyer for seasonal fruits, as well as onion and potato in bulk for donations and so on,” he said.

He said he receives large orders from the warehouse in Sethsan. “This will create an alternate market for fruit growers, and also create convenience for consumers,” said U Min Zaw.

Currently, the operator runs four to five fruit vehicles per day a week except Sunday to townships across Yangon Region.

Nay Nay