Old palace in Sri Kestra turned into an open-air museum


Measures are under way to es-tablish an open-air museum in Sri Kestra (pronounced in Burmese as Thayekhittara), a Pyu-era city state situated at 5 miles far away from south-east of Pyay in Bago Region, said deputy director U Kyaw Myo Win of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture.

The ground beneath the remains of the old palace is found to have been damaged down to around eight feet deep due to gold panning in 1988. Currently, the department is clearing bushes and tree roots damaging the remains of the old palace.

The department plans to build pavements, grow grass and excavate the remains of the old palace, in order to establish an open state museum at the site.

The name of Sri Ksetra means the area endowed with the virtues of auspiciousness and glamour. The city had been built in a round shape, albeit not exactly as a circle.

Sri Ksetra, Beikthano and Han-lin which had been the first-ever acknowledged ancient cities as the UNESCO world heritage sites for Myanmar stretched out north to south. Sri Ksetra located at the far south is 30 kilometers far from Beikthano and 400 kilometers from Hanlin, and is the biggest among three.