Over 100 acres spared for setting up new vehicle inspection yard in Muse


‘‘A new import vehicle inspection yard will be set up on an over 100-acre land plot at Myanmar-China Border Trade Zone in Muse, northern Shan State,” said U Min Min, Director General of Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce.

The idea of setting up a new import vehicle inspection yard has come forward as a mean to solve the traffic congestion and facilitate trade process at the Muse 105th Mile Trade Zone at the border. When completed, the yard will help accelerate the border trade between the two neighbours at the zone. Hence, there will be growth in the trade volume. The new yard project has been adopted as the current inspection yard has not enough capacity for accommodating all the trucks coming from China. Now, the Union Highway between Kutkai and Muse is facing traffic congestion almost daily.

“We need a new vehicle inspect-ion yard as traffic congestion is occurring daily on the road. It will be more convenient for the traffic if there are specific places for parking lots and warehouses. Muse Trade Zone is located on a 370.83-acre land plot. The vehicle inspection yard of the Trade Department has an area of 48.56 acres. The area of the parking lot is 22 acres and that of brokerages is 300.27 acres. A total of 194.57 acres of land have already been reclaimed, and the vehicle inspection yard will be established on the remaining part,” the official said.

An average number of six-wheel and 13-wheel trucks between 250 and 300 passed through the check point daily in Muse Border Trade Zone when it was inaugurated in fiscal year 2014-2015. Now, the 22-wheel trailer-attached freighters are also rolling of the road, and the daily average number of trucks that passed through the check point has increased to 1,600. Hence, the new yard is in need there. The yard will be built on a 105.70-acre land plot of the trade zone. The relevant bodies are fulfilling the requirements of the Muse Trade Zone, which is the country’s main border trade point with neighbouring China.

Soe Moe