Press Statement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to refer to the G-7 Summit Communiqué issued on 13 June 2021 where Myanmar’s domestic political developments were mentioned based on fabricated and biased information emanating from unverifiable sources.

The Communiqué erroneously mentioned the event of 1 February 2021 as a military coup. In contrast, the Tatmadaw has assumed the State responsibilities as per Section 418 (a) of the State Constitution (2008) of Myanmar. The Tatmadaw and law enforcement personnel are strictly performing their respective duties within the frameworks of existing laws and regulations. On occasions when use of force is necessary, the security forces only exercise the minimum use of force and maximum restraint on controlling violence in ensuring the public safety.

The Information Team of State Administration Council and the Ministry of Information have been disseminating actual on-ground situations and true facts and news on daily basis. As such, whenever remarks or statements are to be made related to the situation in Myanmar, facts or information should be based on those true facts rather than referring from unreliable and unverifiable sources.

The Ministry wishes to highlight the member states of the United Nations of the need to adhere the Charter of the United Nations, particularly Article 2, paragraph 7 that prohibits the member states not to interfere in the internal affairs of others.

The Ministry strongly objects the inaccurate and one-sided views regarding the situation of Myanmar expressed in paragraph 59 of the Carbis Bay G-7 Summit Communiqué as it tends towards meddling internal affairs of Myanmar.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nay Pyi Taw

Dated, 15 June 2021