Statement against bomb and arson attacks on schools by riotous terrorists

Statement against bomb and arson attacks on schools by riotous terrorists

Nay Pyi Taw  May  27

Each and every country is paying attention to the emergence of new generation youths with intellect and skills in State building as the education promotion is a basic req-uirement for national development and social life improvement. School closure for the 2019-2020 academic year caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic has triggered many losses to the State, parents and students.    

The State Administration Council is taking supervisory measures to reopen schools nationwide on 1 June in accord with the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment rules and disciplines at a time when the outbreak is under certain control in order not to lose another academic year. Such speedy measures are being taken for timely school enrollments. Preparations for school reopening include repair work to make sure students study at school with safe shelter from rain and wind, providing text books and teaching aids, distributing free COVID-19 preventive equipment such as masks and face shields and arranging places for hand washing. 

Despite such measures by the State, riotous elements with political extremism with intent to harm national interest are persuading teachers and education staff to join the CDM, threatening the lives of non-CDM participants and threatening innocent students not to go to school. From 1 to 26 May, they had come to commit acts unacceptable by the civilized human society such as carrying out 18 arson attacks on basic education schools and universities, carrying out 115 bomb or attempted bomb attacks and sticking anti-school going papers and spraying graffiti with threats at schools.        

As even the international commu-nity cannot accept such destructive acts showing their strong opposition, they have turned into extremist terrorists with intent to jeopardize the education goals of the future youth. Therefore, a majority of students and parents are denouncing the behind-the scenes organizations.

It is hereby stated that at a time when the SAC is trying its best to reopen schools, the acts of riotous terrorist groups are totally unacceptable. In collaboration with the people, it will try to expose and take punitive actions against them.

Information Team

State Administration Council