Thanakha trading stagnant in Sagaing Region due to COVID-19

Thanakha trading stagnant in Sagaing Region due to COVID-19

Trading of Myanma Thanakha produced in Sagaing Reg-ion has been in silence due to the spread of COVID-19, acc-ording to an official of Myanmar Thanakha Planters, Pro-ducers and Exporters Association.

Trading of Thanakha has been stagnant since April this year due to difficulties in the transportation sector hit by COVID-19.

“Thanakha trading has been sluggish and there was no buyer in recent days. But, some street vendors got buyers.  In Ayadaw, even Nantthamyay Wholesale Shop has no one to buy. There are some orders from other regions but COVID-19 outbreak is a barrier in the delivery process. The sales have been down since April,” said U Aung Win, secretary of the association. Despite the slow trading, Thanakha is sold at a normal rate of price.

“Thanakha is traded much in summer. It rots away in the monsoon and that is why it is kept in the sun. Its price is at different rates depending on sizes,” he added.

Sagaing Region has around 150,000 acres of Thanakha.  Ayadaw Township in the region is the biggest planting area having over 100,000 acres of Thanakha.

Thanakha is nature's sunscr-een in its purest form. The Myanmar people have used thana-kha to protect and beautify the skin for over 2,000 years. It's then applied topically where it acts as a physical shield against the sun while also nourishing the skin with its rich antioxidant properties.