Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets cabinet members of Yangon Region Government and officials

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets cabinet members of Yangon Region Government and officials

Nay Pyi Taw October 10

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met cabinet members of Yangon Region Government and officials at the region government office this afternoon.

Also present were SAC member Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun and Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, union ministers U Maung Maung Ohn, U Tin Htut Oo, U Hla Moe, Dr Thet Khaing Win, U Khin Yi, U Min Thein Zan, Yangon Region Chief Minister U Hla Soe, senior military officers from the Office of the Commanderin-Chief, the commander of Yangon Command and the mayor.

In his opening address, the Senior General dealt with the rule of law, saying that like other places, Yangon also faced disturbances that occurred after 1 February. The government is controlling the situation in accord with democracy as it is shouldering its duties in accord with the Constitution for further flourishing of democracy.

Tatmadaw is rendering a helping hand in cementing democracy chosen by the people.

Because of vote rigging, the 2020 multi-party general election was neither free nor fair. Free and fair election is the essence of democracy. Although vote rigging can be solved in accord with the law, the party supporters chose violent means.

So, security and the rule of law were harmed. Tatmadaw, police and administrative bodies are restoring security and the rule of law in accord with the law. Some civil servants are involved in the activities related to vote rigging and election results. Although democracy allows peaceful demonstrations staged in accord with the law, violence is unacceptable. Police members are ensuring peace and stability with the help of Tatmadaw and they are exercising utmost restraint in doing their work. But both sides suffered in certain cases.

Effective action is required as State stability and rule of law are important. Some innocent people and service personnel lost their lives due to terrorism.

So, means should be sought to prevent such occurrences.

Although progress has been made in enforcing traffic rules, there are still requirements that call for systematization of the campaign. Regulations must be imposed to stop the illegal car business. Moreover, road signs must be posted and zebra crossings must be marked systematically to ensure traffic rules. Personnel responsible for enforcing traffic rules must also observe their procedures for the improvement of their campaign.

Systematic supervision must be undertaken for disposing in the city municipal area for beautifying the city. Unsystematic disposing can harm the beautifying of the city and cause flooding and inundation based on blockage of drains. This year, removal of blockage in the drains could reduce flooding and inundation as much as possible.

Garbage can be cleared with setting fire and discarding, and setting fire to garbage needs to spend cash but it can beautify the city. Pedestrian ways must be systematically built for public convenience. Officials need to supervise sales of vendors on the pedestrian ways.

Smooth transport of vehicles will contribute to beautifying of the city. Signboards for shopping must be advertised at the designated places. Emphasis must be placed on supply of clean drinking water. Arrangements must be made for issuance of citizenship scrutiny cards to all dwellers in the Yangon municipal area as quickly as possible for their convenient travelling. Arranging the convenience of food supplies will improve the State economy. Food sufficiency must be stepped up to the production of quality foods. Hence, if all foodstuffs can be produced with high quality and fair prices, the country can reduce the import volume of foodstuff. Efforts must be made for having the high per-acre yield of crops in respective seasons and arrangements should be made for ensuring food sufficiency of the whole region based on calculation of individual needs.

Taking examples on development from other countries, it is necessary to take all-round development process of the nation into consideration. People should not be satisfied with the sufficiency of foods in Yangon through traditional methods, and efforts must be made for seeking the techniques to contribute towards the sufficiency of socio-economy, security and peace and stability. Hence, officials need to place emphasis on management for development of Yangon Region in all aspects.

Chief Minister of Yangon Region U Hla Soe reported to the Senior General on situations on happening of terror attacks in Yangon Region, controlling of security forces over the cases under the law, inspection of security forces for public security day and night, efforts for vehicles to abide by traffic rules, action taken against those who did not follow the traffic rules, the region authorities’ efforts to increase per-acre yield of crops for local food sufficiency in cooperation with the relevant ministries, and efforts to develop other businesses.

Mayor U Bo Htay presented efforts to control flooding and inundation in Yangon City, public and officials participation in systematic disposing, systematic process for collection of garbage, transport and throwing, prohibition of undisciplined vendor sales not to block traffic ways and roads, and insertion of water purifier system for supply of water to the city in accord with the Head of State. Then, region ministers and officials reported on undertakings for public welfare, smooth process for food supply, and generating of jobs, efforts for ensuring rule of law in the region, taking security measures, reduction of terror attacks, reduction of crimes and dissemination of true information, implementation of Pan Khinn project to issue citizenship scrutiny cards to the age-wise people in the designated period. The Union ministers gave supplementary reports.

In his concluding remark, the Senior General called for efforts to have good relations and communications with the people and motivate them to cooperate in public security measures. He stressed the need for officials to take supervisory measures for the security forces to try to avoid any carelessness as they are directly responsible for security. Despite being a densely populated city, Yangon could have seen a decrease in COVID-19 cases thanks to the public cooperation. The city is urged to make a role model as the lowest infection rate. We are also taking measures to vaccinate the whole population in Yangon. In water usage, there should be a minimum of loss and wastage. Myanmar needs to try to copy other successful countries that share similar natural conditions and backgrounds.

When it comes to urban planning, the construction of suitable buildings with four or five floors will ensure costeffectiveness in basic infrastructures such as electricity and roads and quickly solve land problems. Care must be taken for fire safety and against crime. Easy transport is necessary to prevent crime and required police stations and fire stations must be built.

We will build sports grounds and stadiums of international standard for the improvement of the national sports sector.

Those investing in agriculture and livestock breeding zones need to do their business in limited but effective land areas.

A governance that guarantees public participation in every sector is necessary. Effective legal actions must be taken against those violating security, so administrative officials need to act without discrimination.

As the government serves the public as a one stop service, the projects for the people need tobe implemented as scheduled.

In the coming election, it mustbe free and fair.

As Yangon city is the majorentrance to Myanmar in dealing with the  international community, immigration processes must be systematic. Therefore, security and systematic records are required. In global economic affairs also, systematic measures are necessary and action must be taken against those violating the laws and rules in accord with the law. For our country, all the mechanisms connecting the government and the people must be strong.

Regional development tasks must continuously be implemented for the rural people.

A rural economic system with direct public involvement must be implemented. For rural development, everything necessary must be fulfilled for the rural people to improve their socio-economic life. Regarding productivity, rural manufacturing is crucial. So, agricultural and livestock breeding undertakings must be systematic.

To prevent power cuts in summer, manageable projects on generating solar energy and waste energy should be implemented in Yangon Region, the Senior General said.