Local people receive COVID-19 vaccines in Naungtaya

Local people receive COVID-19 vaccines in Naungtaya

28 OCTOBER 2021

LOCAL people aged 18 and  above received the second  dose of COVID-19 vaccines   at the Basic Education High School (Naungtaya), Pinlaung  Township, Pa-O Self-Administered Zone, southern Shan  State, yesterday morning.

People who have been vac[1]cinated for the first time on  24, 28 and 29 September got  the COVID jabs for the second  time on 27 October (yesterday)  at the Basic Education High  School (Naungtaya), Naung[1]tara Town.

People from Nawpi Village-tract, Poya Village-tract,  Nan Palin Village-tract,  Popin Village-tract, Myaukhtibwa  Village-tract, No. (1) Ward, No.  (2) Ward, and No. (3) Ward in  Naungtaya who have been  vaccinated for the first time

are ready to take the vaccines  for the second time as the full  course of vaccination is required, officials said.

On 27 October, nine more  cases of COVID-19 were reported in Naungtaya, and 31 patients are still receiving  treatment, with one patient  being transferred to the hospital.