Japan-backed water supply project for Dala

A water supply project to distribute potable water to Dala residents from Twantay Canal will be carried out around the end of this year with financial assistance from Japanese Government, according to Engineering Department (water supply and sanitation) of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

“There is a village called Yangon Pauk in Twantay at the exit to Dala. Thirteen artesian wells were dug there, and water is supplied to urban Dala. Around 1.1 million gallons of water is piped from there daily.  But, the groundwater is contaminated with minerals including iron and alkali,” said deputy director of Engineering Department (water supply and sanitation) Daw Thin Thin Soe.

“The Japanese Government will fully fund a project to treat water from Twatay Canal and supply potable water to Dala re-sidents. The Japanese Government will invite its local contractors. The project will be able to supply 3.3 million gallons of portable water per day to Dala residents,” she added.

The project will start in December and is scheduled to complete in 2023. The project includes establishment of a water treatment plant by Twantay Canal and piping water to urban Dala. “There are 24 wards in urban Dala, and due to the shortage of water, not every ward has access to tap water. Our wards like West Eant Gyi, No. 11 Ward, No. 14 Ward do not have access to tap water. We have to rely on rainwater. Dala residents mainly have to rely on man-make lakes that were dug in every ward. We have had to rely them on for long,” said Dala resident Ko James.

 Maung Myo (Ayeyawady)