State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officials of associates of UMFCCI

State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officials of associates of UMFCCI

NAY PYI TAW December 23

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min AungHlaing met with officials from associates of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry-UMFCCI at the Mingala Hall of UMFCCI in Yangon this morning.

Also present at the meeting were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Council members General Mya Tun Oo, Admiral Tin Aung San, Union ministers, the chief minister of Yangon Region, senior military officers of the Office of the Commanderin-Chief, the commander of Yangon Command and officials, the Yangon mayor, central executive committee members of UMFCCI and officials of associate organizations.

Discussions on task undertakings and requirements of relevant sectors

First, UMFCCI President U Aye Win reported on establishment of the federation, formation of the federation, admission of associate organizations under the disciplines, running of the federation, policies and future plans. UMFCCI Vice President and President of Myanmar Rice Federation U Ye Min Aung and officials of associate organizations reported on formation of organizations, need of internationally recognized laboratories to increase export volume from respective sectors, needs to apply modern techniques for development of agriculture sector, needs of assistance for capital, skilled labour and techniques for further development of industries, checking quality of goods for importing necessary raw materials and setting cheap rate of commercial tax, needs of skilled workers and technician human resources for development of agriculture and live-stock sectors, encourage to private sector for generating electricity using renewable energy, wider use of electric vehicles at home, holding expos for domestic goods to grasp market shares, job opportunities for the people, occupying market shares of export goods, needs of harmonious efforts of the government, businesspersons and organizations to develop the economy, easing restriction for soft tariff rate for imported ICT goods, and arrangements for holding the gems emporiums on sale with foreign currency as well as kyat currency.

Discussions of Union ministers in relevant sectors

In response to the reports, Union ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo discussed efforts for economic development of the State, State’s contributions to capital and necessary requirements for development MSME industries, issuance of licences as quickly as possible, provision of techniques and capitals by relevant ministries for manufacturing sector based on agriculture and livestock sectors, efforts of ministries to develop the electric vehicles for transportation measures, and undertakings for economic development.

Encouragement to manufacturing measures based on agriculture and livestock sectors

In his speech, the Senior General said that UMFCCI has been founded for more than 100 years, with free from any reliance on others. As governments in successive eras have undertaken development of the nation, and the current government is also striving for improvement of the country.Only when manufacturing measures are active will trade and service come into existence. Tobe able to do so, the government makes management, encouraging MSME businesses for manufacturing products. Some 75 percent of the people are residing in the rural area, primarily engaging in agriculture and livestock farms. Hence, manufacturing and trading based on agriculture and livestock measures can get greater benefit which can help the State economy improve.

MSME industries aim to encourage domestic businesses, substitute the import products and increase the export volume. Priority must be given to manufacturing measures in order to encourage the local businesses.The democratic governments in first and second terms emphasized import of goods rather than the manufacturing the products and faced trade deficit. Prioritizing the domestic production is further benefitting the State. It is necessary to focus on improvement of public economy rather than the economy of a group in order to develop the domestic economy.Hence, the government is enhancing the work process of businesses beneficial for the majority of the people.

Different systems were applied in different eras for national economic growth. The Tatmadaw government adopted market economy, which came into shape in 2011 when the country was on the road to multi-party democracy. However, the government still has to engage in some businesses that the private sector could not. The aim is to encourage private businesses. Yet, doing business cannot deviate from disciplinary measures from a government. So, the UMFCCI is urged to cooperate fully with the government for national economic development.

With less productivity in the country, there are still few trade activities. It is necessary to mass-produce quality goods. The use of products from the existing agricultural, livestock and natural resources will contribute to national economy.

Regarding State loans, there are loans for development as well as businesses. The State is providing loans for capital investments. A larger cash flow inside the country will facilitate businesses. Thus, the State is encouraging investment.

Efforts must be made to acquire inputs that are necessary in the manufacturing sector. Electricity demand is not met yet as some of hydropower projects halted for various reasons. So, solar and wind power projects are required. Likewise, power generation from husk-fired power is also encouraged.

The country has a lot of fertilizer plants and measures are being taken to fully operate them. Waste from livestock breeding can used as biofertilizer. Natural fertilizers like EM Bokashi can also be used.Agricultural activities require seeds, soil, irrigation water and methods. Agricultural businesses will improve if relevant organizations are to make their efforts.

Agricultural businesses can be operated successfully in the country. They should be systematically and efficiently in a disciplined manner on the allotted plots. The successful manufacturing of consumer products and foodstuffs from agriculture and livestock breeding will meet domestic demands and benefit the country. With domestic demands met and surpluses, there will be export processes.

Rich human resources

Measures are being taken for education promotion of the people for human resource development. Subject-wise schools are being opened for turning professionals. If the private sector can produce skilled workers, the State will encourage and support it. Investment in education is tremendous and very beneficial for the State. It is necessary to give training so that students can be really skilled in their respective subjects.

Use resources efficiently and encourage manufacturing businesses

The country is badly in need of paper. Pulp can be produced from wood and bamboo resources. If pulp and paper factories are to be established in the country, the State will support. Moreover, locally produced rubber can be used to manufacture consumer goods.As there are imports of textiles every year, efforts should be made to improve cotton cultivation and production. For the garment industry, greater efforts are necessary for greater development. That industry can create jobs for women. It is also required to ensure that they receive right salaries and other privileges. Skilled labour and improved machinery will ensure quality goods and higher demand.

Raw materials for manufacturing steel necessary for domestic construction tasks have been available and any national entrepreneurs will be encouraged to manufacture steel at home. As the country has to import most consumer products, it has to spend a large sum of foreign exchange. It will be of great benefit if consumer products are manufactured at home and distributed at reasonable prices.

In connection with the banking sector, banking operations came to a halt when the government took office due to various reasons but the sector has recovered at present. Bankers are urged to carry out their operations lawfully and properly. As the banking sector is important for the country, the government has to take measures to prevent banks from collapsing.

Efforts are being made for the development of the tourism sector. Tasks are always carried out for the cleanliness and pleasantness of wards and villages, which contribute to the development of tourism. It will be of great benefit for the country if the development of the tourism sector can be achieved.

As the country is in need of medicines, it is necessary to manufacture medicines that can be produced at home except some medicines to meet the demand. As there is a large number of people who go abroad to receive healthcare services, the government is ready to permit entrepreneurs to build private hospitals as such enterprises are greatly beneficial to the public.

As organizations participating in the meeting are the ones which carry out most tasks for the economic development of the country, all the organizations are urged to cooperate and exert efforts in the interests of the country without any political bias.

Then, the Senior General cordially greeted the central executive committee members of the UMFCCI and officials from its affiliate organizations.