Articulating Myanmar’s Position on United Nations Security Council Resolution

Articulating Myanmar’s Position on United Nations Security Council Resolution

It is observed that the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Myanmar through voting at its meeting in New York, United States on 21 December 2022. It is mentioned in the UN Charter that the member states confer the Security Council primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. The situation in Myanmar is solely the internal affairs which in no way pose any risk on international peace and security. Hence, Myanmar highlights that the adoption is not in line with the Charter of the United Nations.

The Britain-initiated resolution was found to incorporate several intrusive elements on Myanmar’s internal affairs that contravene the principles and purposes of the United Nations. Moreover, it is observed that the resolution also constitutes human rights related matters which have already been discussed repeatedly at the Third Committee of the General Assembly and the United Nation Human Rights Council and which also fall outside the purview of the Security Council’s mandate.

It is found out that the resolution demands an end to violence. Myanmar’s security forces have been performing with utmost restraint in accordance with theexisting laws. Only the terrorist acts of unlawful organizations, the so-called NUG and PDFs, necessitates condemnation and prohibition.

Myanmar has to declare the State of Emergency after the massive electoral fraud occurred in 2020 General Elections and subsequently implementing the provisions of the state of emergency. Furthermore, Myanmar has been steadfastly fulfilling the Five-Point Road Map, including the holding of free and fair multiparty democratic elections in line with the 2008 Constitution to hand over State duties to the winning party. Therefore, it is for the international community to support and encourage the Government’s endeavours to return to democracy.

In its cooperation with the ASEAN to implement ASEAN five-point consensus, Myanmar upholds principles of non-interference in internal affairs and respecting sovereignty along with the principles of the ASEAN Charter. The said principles will also be fundamental in providing the humanitarian assistance under the ASEAN scheme to the people in need without any discrimination.

Likewise, the principles of non-interference and respecting sovereignty play a substantial role in Myanmar’s engagement with Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General on Myanmar. Myanmar will continue its cooperation for repatriation of the displaced persons from Bangladesh in accordance with the bilateral arrangements between the two countries.

Myanmar is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. It is imperative that history and national characteristics of the country, and divisions created by colonial divide and rule policy are thoroughly considered when it comes to Myanmar issues. Only Myanmar knows best such delicate and wide-ranging matters and it has the ability to handle them.

It is noted that external interventions by means of interferences and putting pressure do not bring any success in many countries, given the different historical backgrounds of the countries. The Government of Myanmar has been endeavouring to ensure perpetuation of sovereignty and non-disintegration of the Union and national solidarity while prioritizing the interests of the people for peace, stability and development of the country. Exerting pressure to destabilize Myanmar rather than supporting the government’s efforts does not help the country and Myanmar will not accept such acts.

It is further noted that the elements contained in the Security Council resolution do not contribute to peace and stability of Myanmar except politicization.

Myanmar will uphold the 2008 Constitution, existing laws and fundamental principles as the only norms in carrying out the state affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

23 December 2022.