Passing-out Parade of 9th Intake of Graduate Female Cadet Course and dinner held

Passing-out Parade of 9th Intake of Graduate Female Cadet Course and dinner held

NAY PYI TAW December 27

The Passing-out Parade of the 9th Intake of Graduate Female Cadet Course was held at the parade ground of Defence Services (Army) Officers Training School(Hmawbi) in Yangon this morning. On behalf of Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing, SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in- Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Thray Sithu Soe Win delivered an address.

Also present together with the Vice-Senior General were his wife Daw Than Than Nwe, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and their wives, the Yangon Region chief minister, the Yangon Command commander, the commandant, officials of Yangon Station, officer instructors and faculty members of the academic wing and training wing of Defence Services (Army) Officers Training School(Hmawbi), who are the guardians of the cadets, and guests.

The Vice-Senior General took the salute of the cadet company and inspected the flag bearers and the cadet company. Then the cadet companies saluted the Vice-Senior General with slow-march past and quickmarch past.

The Vice-Senior General presented the Best Cadet Award to Cadet No 56 Cadet Theint Nanda Aung.

In giving an address on behalf of the Senior General, the Vice-Senior General said women’s ability is improving in the world today and brilliant women scholars are emerging. More and more women are joining the armed forces of world countries, and they can be seen in the higher roles of the respective sectors. The role of women in the Tatmadaw has been improved through ongoing endeavours.

As they are going to serve the defence duties of nation and Tatmadaw soon, fine traditions of Tatmadaw and other knowledge will be disseminated on behalf of the Senior General.

Defence Services (Army) Officers Training School(Hmawbi) is constantly bringing about officer servicewomen in paving a path for female soldiers to take part in the national defence of Republic of Union of Myanmar.

National defence is the bounden duty of all national people of Union regardless of their gender.

Hence, the aim has been set for servicewomen to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in discharging national defence duties. History of nation and that of Tatmadaw are indivisible. The country experienced ups and downs throughout the periods of independence struggle, crushing internal insurgency and parliamentary democracy, and Tatmadaw was always beside the country in all national affairs serving the interest of the people and country unhesitatingly.

These are all the historic fine traditions of Tatmadaw.

Tatmadaw served all the national affairs as a national task from the period of independence struggle, during which it placed independence as the most important goal, to the post 1988 period, during which it  adopted  the  policy of  non- disintegration of Union, non-disintegration of national unity and perpetuation of sovereignty. Those policies passed through the evolution process according to the national requirements.

At present, SAC has been implementing  the  two  political  goals –strengthening the gen-uine and disciplined multi-party democracy and building a Union based of democracy and federalism - and two national goalsnational prosperity and food sufficiency. In implementing the goals with might and main, it has adopted the fivepoint roadmap and nine objectives.   

As they are to serve as Tatmadaw member female officers, they have to study the histories of the State and the Tatmadaw in detail. If so, they will have to continuously maintain the fine traditions of the Tatmadaw, and they have to strive for recording the fine topics in the history.

In looking back the history of some capabilities of female troops in the Tatmadaw, the role of Myanmar women can be seen in the independence struggle period. In the post-independence period in 1948, female officers and other ranks were assigned at the corps and rescue troops. It should take pride of fine traditions of female officers from Myanmar women’s levee corps formed in 1954 for their dutiful performance in respective sections.

In building the defence capability, the Tatmadaw has esta-blished training depots to turn out female military personnel to enhance the role of women and participate in the Tatmadaw. Graduated female officers are allowed to further study master’s courses and doctoral courses in respective subjects.

They have to pursue relevant subjects of all corps from experi-ences from advanced courses, senior officers and workmates with keenness to study and observe knowledge in order to serve the assigned duties at re-levant military units. Moreover, they have to pursue studies through literatary subjects. If so, they will have to skillfully serve the assignments in respective sectors.

Currently, female military officers and other ranks  are serving at various kinds of corps including  Tatmadaw  (Army, Navy and Air) offices and departments. They are serving on board war vessels in overseas-goodwill visits and joint exercises, and on coastal trips to provide heathcare services to the peopel along Myanmar’s coastal areas. They also showed off brilliant skills in army games in which various countries par-ticipated to secure medals by winning over those from the international armed forces.Moreover, some female officers are dutifully serving as members of SWAT (female) corps and female pilots at the Tatmadaw (Air) as well. They also bravely discharged duties of military parachuting and free fall move in shouldering with the male officers and other ranks.

No matter what they are as-signed at any corps, they have to primarily serve the State defence and security duties. Hence, they have to try hard to become outstanding personnel in the functions of relevant units so as to dutifully serve the State defence and security duties.

As they would be junior officers, the training  depot  has given training on leadership subjects to them. They have to apply knowledge from leadership subject in the practical field together with their experiences so as to become good leaders. Without forgetting the concept that only when one had an outstanding follower will they be good leaders, they have to follow and study advice of senior officers in the practical fields for all administration and management measures. They have to organize subordinates with fair leadership and they themselves need to strictly abide by the prescribed orders, directives, rules and regulations issued for controlling them under the leadership. If so, they will have to fully win the trust and reliance of subordinates. Only when those from the corps stimulate juniorsenior mutual respects and trust, can they implement the assigned duties in full swing for cent per cent.

Being Tatmadaw members, they have to follow good practices of obedience and disciplinary acts along their service terms. Military discipline is backbone of the Tatmadaw, and they have to try hard to become the Tatmadaw members with good discipline and obedience. Tatmadaw members are to strictly abide by rules, disciplines and laws of the Tatmadaw as well as civil rules and regulations as citizens.

Moreover, they have to follow the war laws the international community accepts and exercises.

During the training period, they have been trained basic military training to follow the military disciplines and to have obeidence. Everybody knows that Tatmadaw members have to strictly follow the disciplines and have to take action against those who committed crimes under the military and civil laws without turning a blind eye to the cases. So, they all need to follow the prescribed law, issued orders and directives, rules and regulations and procedures in serving their duties.

Of the four major tasks of Tatmadaw, the first one is training and building. Constant training will ensure a capable Tatmadaw. As training plays a major role, courses for respec-tive levels are being conducted for servicemen to be able to conscientiously serve the duties whenever assigned. Every course requires hard work, discipline and obedience. Despite a short course, the trainees have been taught necessary skills and knowledge to become junior officers.  

They need to try to have a better understanding and improve their learning ability as they will have to serve as edu-cated junior leaders. Theories and practices taught by the school are just basic. So more has to learn to be able to work in the practical filed in a correct and efficient manner. They also need to continue learning so that  they  can  utilize military  equipment  and  skills  in accord-ance with the developing age. For serving the assigned duties they must always train to be fit and healthy.

With wide and endless skills and knowledge, capacity building depends on hard work and training. Basic military concepts and battleground disciplines must be studied in the practical field. To reach one higher level also depends on perseverance, discipline following and being healthy in doing further courses. With that, training levels will be different. 

Promotion levels will differ relying on individuals’ perseverance. Thus, they need to always work hard for their own good and for the betterment of their organization they lead and ensure fair and good governance. The Tatmadaw is being built to be equipped with combat skills and powers. As such, building a capable Tatmadaw mainly concern Tatmadaw members. The State will be providing necessary assistance. Military, organizational, administrative, physical and mental skills must be sharpened to make the Tatmadaw  capable.  Individuals and teams must train on a constant basis. High caliber of individuals will lead to high caliber of teams. They must always engage in individual training, collective training and joint operation training.

To realize the objective of Tatmadaw “Sharpen combat skills and powers to build a modern Tatmadaw” it is important to actively engage in ever task of the Tatmadaw. Constant efforts must be made to build a modern Tatmadaw for State defence. At the same time, they need to engage in the peace process to build a Union based on multiparty democracy and federalism by ending the conflicts stemming from different political, racial and religious ideologies at the  instigation of ex- and neo-colo-nialists from the independence period of 4 January 1948 till today so that perpetual peace can be achieved. The State Administration Council invited the ethnic armed organizations to engage in peace talks on 11 April 2022 without preconditions for lasting peace and quick emergence of a Union based on multi-party democracy and federalism. Now, peace talks are going on with the 10 EAOs. All are to take their respective roles in the perpetual peace efforts and to try have a bettering understanding of perpetual peace history.   

As the Tatmadaw is the main defence organization that pro-tects the nation, the Tatmadaw members are the main defence forces for protecting the nation.  To discharge State defence and security duties, it is important for every Tatmadaw member to be physically and mentally fit. If each of them is physically and mentally fit, they could always do training for military science and techniques to be skillful. If they are fit and trained for relevant skills, they will have courage.

When they are fit and healthy individually and could fulfill their State defence duties proficiently, they will automatically become good soldiers having courage in the practical fields and battles. As servicewomen, you all are urged to keep upholding your spiritual fitness and always work hard to be good Tatmadaw members who win trust of the State, the Tatmadaw and the entire people.

It is necessary for the servicewomen to fulfill their assigned duties with dignity for the State and people understanding the noble history, tradition and the present stand of the Tatmadaw, to focus on making efforts for assigned duties with all physical and intellectual abilities in implementing the Tatmadaw’s goal of building a strong, capable modern patriotic Tatmadaw, to be dutiful in duties assigned by superiors as junior officers based on selfcontrol and efforts, to constantly keep studying military science and leadership learned at the training classes, and to be good women officers full of skill and courage in relevant duties and responsibilities. 

Then, the ViceSenior General took the salute of cadet companies and left the parade ground.

After the parade, the Vice-Senior General met outstanding cadets at the parlour of Defence Services (Army) Officers Training School (Hmawbi).

In the evening, the Vice-Senior General and party attended the graduation dinner in honour of 9th Intake of Graduate Female Cadets Course  and had dinner together with the cadets and the guests.

After  the dinner, the  Vice-Senior General and party en-joyed the performance by the military band of Defence Ser-vices (Army) Officers Training School (Hmawbi) and presented a cash bonus to the band.

Later, the Vice-Senior General and party, together with the ca-dets, enjoyed the performance of the Myawady Band under the Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare.