Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attends 77th Anniversary of Myanma Radio and TV

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attends 77th Anniversary of Myanma Radio and TV

NAY PYI TAW February 15

    The 77th Anniversary of Myan-ma Radio and Television, the first media and the oldest department of Myanmar, was held at MRTV in Tatkon, Nay Pyi Taw this afternoon, addressed by Chairman of State Adminis-tration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Present  at  the  ceremony together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC members, Union ministers, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, deputy ministers, in service and retired MRTV staff, media persons, artistes and distinguished guests. Staff of MRTV Yangon branch and retransmission stations attended the ceremony in the form of video conferencing.

The Senior General and party were warmly welcomed by Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn and members and MRTV officials.

At the ceremony, MRTV staff staged a dance number to the accompaniment of the song The Beauty of Diamond Jubilee and Perpetuation of MRTV. Then a documentary clip From Successive Anniversaries to the 77th Anniversary was screened.

In  his  address, the  Senior General said MRTV anniversar-ies began from 15 February 1946 or Bamar Radio Day, on which, Rangoon Radio was turned into Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS). The name BBS was then replaced with Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV), and now it has reached its 77th Anniversary, passing the Diamond Jubilee. MRTV has been discharging its duties – to inform, educate and entertain well in serving the interest of the national people for 77 years.

During the childhood days, there was only Myanma Radio, and the people enjoyed its radio  programs. Multiple  radio programs  including  radio plays, stories, narratives, dramas, listeners’choice, and live football matches were so captivating. Programs such as songs  for soldiers and Tatmadaw post office were so joyful and energetic for soldiers in the frontlines. Since its establishment, MRTV has won the public hearts while developing with its attractive programs and presentation styles. It is an honor for MRTV.

MRTV is the oldest public service bureau, with a timehonoured tradition. It is always dutiful and could erect a milestone while adapting itself to the advancing technological and technical knowledge till 77th Anniversary. The functions of MTRV call for collective action, but not individual action.

The ceremony honors the 77th Anniversary of MRTV and stands witness to the unity and oneness of MRTV staff. In other words, it can be said that  MRTV  personnel  are always united and dutiful in doing their job while placing in force the interest of the country and people throughout the successive periods. And with pleasure, they are being honored for such performances and acco-mplishments. It is believed that they will always be dutiful towards the nation and people.

The  Senior  General  attended  the MRTV Diamond Jubilee ceremony, held  after SAC had assumed responsibility, and spoke words of honor for the staff. Donations were made for the grand emergence of the Diamond Jubilee commemo-rative mini exhibition hall. The  Senior  General commissioned it in person at the pre 76th Anniversary on 1 February. The exhibition serves as a safe storage for records that document MRTV’s functions throughout the successive eras, old mechanical  equipment  and musical  instruments, and accomplishments of MRTV staff, and a historical record for future generations, civil servants and ordinary  citizens. History cannot be  left out or erased. Moreover, MRTV News Channel and MRTV DTH were also launched.

Since  its  assumption,  the State Administration Council has been rebuilding  the State amid the high infection of COVID-19 pandemic and unrests and violent attacks. Currently, infection of the pandemic plunges into the least level, and MRTV, Stateowned daily newspapers, efforts of Information and Public Relations  Department  and  publications raised the public awareness on a wider scale. The Senior General recounted that he himself reviews the TV, radio and newspapers and gives guidance to staff for effectively educating the people.  Currently,  although some countries are still facing infection of the pandemic and high rate of death, Myanmar encounters least infection of the disease with no death news. It is because health staff, management  organizations,  Stateowned media and local people make concerted efforts in unison for battaling the disease. As such, the Senior General expressed his thanks to all walks of life and all Stateowned media including MRTV for their endeavours.

At present, the State  Administration Council has served State responsibilities for two years under the Constitution (2008). But, events of unrests, murdering, setting fire and blowing up do not remarkably decline within two years. Some big countries trying to influence over Myanmar without wish to see peace and stability, unity and development of Myanmar and internal traitors attempting to focusing on the personal and organizational interests turning a blind eye to the public interests are committing the utter devastation of the naiton with momentum.

The Senior General underscored that he gently manages holding talks with ethnic armed organizations for restoring the perpetual peace, one sidedly suspending the long time ceasefire, inviting all to walk along the NCA track, inviting those who evaded for terror acts to report back and releasing those under punishment in amnesty. However, youths are instigated, intimidated and coercioned in the dishonest ways and then pushed to the wrong ways so as to destroy the State. So, it is necessary to continuously lead the youths to have correct attitude and knowledge. Relevant ministries including Ministry of Information and regional organizations are to do so with momentum.

The Senior General noted that it is important to educate and share knowledge with the people. It is more important for turning out able and educated persons. Today’s youths will shouldering the State duties in  the future and shape the State. Primarily, although parents and teachers are  responsible  for nurturing them, if media continuously disseminate educative and knowledge measures, it will be the best effective. Hence, the government is enhancing the education sector for the people to complete the KG+9 scheme. Mainly, media sector needs to strive for ensuring correctness of attitudes, concepts and mov-ements of the people in order to ensure perpetual peace of the nation, development and socioeconomic life in cooperation with relevant departments.

While serving the State responsibilities under the State constitution, the State Administration Council is implementing the roadmap and objectives on the peace and stability of the State, perpetual peace, prosperity and food security of the nation, development of socioeconomic life, strengthening of genuine, disciplined multiparty democratic system and building the Union based on democracy and federalism. The Senior General stressed the need to in-form the people about efforts of the State for the interests of the nation and the people through media sector.

At present, Maravijaya Buddha Image is being built in the Maravijaya Buddha Park in Dekkhinathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw with the aim of showing flourishing Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar to the world, ensuring peace and prosperity of the nation, developing the region through the visits of local and foreign pilgrims and contributing to development of the State. So far, the part-4 of the Buddha has been coveyed onto the jewelled throne. Moreover, religious objects and jewelleries donated by wellwishers across the nation have been enshrined. Further tasks are being undertaken in building the Sasana Beikman, building the stone plaque chamber Ceties after carving te stone inscriptions on Pitakat treatises, constructing the platform, Thudhamma public rest houses and other religious edifices, and beautifying the precinct of the park. Hence, the Senior General urged TV, radio and newspapers including MRTV to urge the well-wishers to make donations for constrution of the great walls of the Buddha image and religious edifices.

The MRTV News Channel has been launched in a new version from the reserve studio and the government spent Ks-1,150 million from the funds of the country to build a new newsroom and to install modern equipment. The newsroom will be inaugurated as an exclusive studio after the ceremony and will be used for broadcasting soon.

I am proud of the MRTV as it has been a splendid and famous television station in the world because it has been serving the interests of the people and the country  through media services and has been broadcasting in various languages including 20 languages of the national races. New generation MRTV staff are required to perform their historical responsibilities dutifully in the same way as former staff of the MRTV did in successive eras. It should be noted that the longterm success of the MRTV in the future depends on the benevolence, conviction, beliefs and efforts of current staff.

The MRTV has firmly adopted a policy of conserving Myanmar culture and traditions and the broadcasting industry can capture the mind of the masses. MRTV staff are urged to continue to take measures to instill national cultural characteristics which should be preserved by national races in the mind of the public and to enable citizens to possess modern visions.

It should be appreciated that the Ministry of Information has performed its original and additional duties while trying to offer as much assistance as it can for resumption of normal activities of the entertainment industry and wellbeing of individuals in the industry.

Efforts must be exerted with goodwill more concertedly than before to improve the quality of daily news and programs of the MRTV, which has been in existence along with the history of the country, to realize the objectives to inform, educate and entertain the public by creating new contents, to enhance the development of capabilities of staff without losing sight of latest developments of international broadcasting industry, to offer public services in the interest of the country and the people and to continue to exist as a reliable broadcasting station for the country and the people. May the MRTV continue to move forward  successfully and proudly from its 77th Anniversary  to upcoming centuries.    

Then, the Senior General presented honorary prizes and Ks- 7.7 million cash rewards for MRTV staff for their efforts to successfully organize the 10th ASEAN Quiz (Regional Level) on a grand scale as a national level event and Tushin Hnwe Pyaw music festival(Season-2) commemorating the 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Independence Day to the union minister for information.

Then, the Senior General accepted the commemorative emblem and souvenirs for the 77th Anniversary of the MRTV presented by the union minister.

Then, the Senior General and party enjoyed "Athit Taphan Khit Thadan MRTV" and "Shin Than Nay Mye MRTV" musical performance by MRTV staff.

Afterwards, the MRTV News Channel Studio was inaugurated in the second part of the ceremony and the Senior General and party sprinkled scented water over the signboard at the entrance to the studio. Then, the Senior General, together with deputy prime ministers and union ministers General Mya Tun Oo, Lt-Gen Soe Htut, Admiral Tin Aung San and U Win Shein, cut a ribbon to inaugurate the studio. Afterward, the Senior General viewed a video clip about  the studio. Then, the Senior General inspected the studio and discussed salient points about the studio with officials.

The Senior General and party interestingly looked around the MRTV broadcasting rooms, English and other programmes being broadcast by Myanma Radio (English FM Channel, extended broadcasting and extended broadcasting of Thabye Radio, Convergence News Room, MRTV HD room and MRTV News room, Master Control Room, MRTV HD News Studio, MRTV News, Radio Tape Library, Radio News Room and Auditorium. After hearing reports by the Union Minister for Information and officials, the Senior General stressed the need for MRTV to try to become a role model and the best in the media industry, broadcast modern programmes but maintain Myanmar’s traditions and customs, air programmes in the fluent Myanmar language as well as in fluent English so that listeners can copy, and fulfil the requirements of the staff and left necessary instructions. 

MRTV was first established and named Burma Broadcasting Service-BBS on 15 February 1946. Then, it was variously named passing the British era, World War II, the Japanese era and the parliamentary democracy era. It was named the Information and Broadcasting Department on 16 March 1972. Colour TV was introduced on 3 June 1980, and colour TV programmes started on 1 November. After being merged with the Radio Broadcasting Service, it was named Myanmar Television and Radio Department MTRD on 24 January 1991. Then, the name was changed into MRTV on 22 November 1997. 

Now, there are MRTV-HD and MRTV-News as well as MRTV-NRC, MRTV-Farmer’s, Hluttaw Channel and MRTV Sports Channel airing their programmes in 11 ethnic languages namely Kachin, Kayah, Sakaw Kayin, eastern Po Kayin, western Po Kayin, Chin (Gyo), Chin (Laizo), Mon, Rakhine, Shan and Wa. Programmes are also broadcast online including the MRTV website and in partnership with private companies. Myanma Radio programmes are aired daily from 5am to 11pm in 17 ethnic languages. Moreover, there are Myanma Radio English FM Channel and Thabye Radio programmes.

Since its emergence in 1946, MRTV has been operating with the aim of providing information, knowledge and entertainment. Now, MRTV is 77 years old and standing tall as a Staterun media.