Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets MSME entrepreneurs in Rakhine State and discusses regional and economic development

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets MSME entrepreneurs in Rakhine State and discusses regional and economic development

NAY PYI TAW February 27

    Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met MSME entrepreneurs in Rakhine State at U Ottamma Hall in Sittwe this morning and discussed regional and economic development.

Also present together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC members Admiral Tin Aung San, Dr Hmu Htan, Union ministers, Rakhine State Chief Minister U Htein Lin, senior military officers from the Office of  the  Commander-in-Chief, Western Command Commander  Maj-Gen Htin Latt Oo, Rakhine State level departmental officials, local elders and officials.

Individual reports on MSME operations and requirements First, the chief minister explained regional facts, progress of MSMEs, support of MSME development, ongoing courses on micro, small and medium production businesses, ongoing One Village One Product programs, research and development programs, local and foreign investments in Rakhine State, undertaking to increase capital, arrival of local and foreign tourists, development of hotels and tourism business, loans for MSMEs and financial support for MSMEs provided by national economic development trust fund, MSME goods exhibitions, and undertakings for development of MSMEs in the state.

Chairman of Rakhine State Chamber of Commerce and Industry U Tin Aung Oo, Chairman of Rakhine State Rice Merchants Association U Shwe Tun Aung, Chairman of Rakhine State Oil Millers Association U Kyaw Aye Maung, Chairman of Rakhine State Salt Entrepreneurs Association U Than Win, and MSME entrepreneurs report on difficulties caused by time pressure, a new jetty for border trade, all weather roads for trade, running of coastal merchant ships, installation of direct banking links with foreign countries in the state, setting up of industrial zones to generate job opportunities, rice cultivation and production in the state, water supply for the rising number of would be  summer paddy farmers in the state, Union’s assistance for quality seeds, technology, inputs and other areas for development of rice sector in the state, cultivation of edible oil crops and their yield, financial capital for development oil milling business, local salt businesses and production, provision of capital  to increase quality salt production due to rising demand, necessary assistance for development of local MSMEs, manufacturing of high quality goods from nipa palm flourishing in the state, local textile and weaving industry, and other requirements for development of local business. The Senior General asked for more information and looked into the requirements.

Sector-wise clarifications of Union ministers As regards the individual reports, Union ministers explained ministry wise work implementations, efforts to improve road transport in the state for border trade development, Union’s support for MSME development, availability of soft loans, calls for systematic contacts as plans are underway to disburse requested loans in accord with the rules and procedures, field studies to build new electric or diesel river/creek pumping stations to further extend sown acreage in the state which already has a large number of such irrigation facilities, improve-ment of rural socio-economy, provision of necessary assistance through cooperative societies for farming development, beneficial use of forest products in the state and prevention of forest depletion caused by exploitation, environmental conservation, application of modern methods in the salt businesses of Rakhine State and Ayeyawady Region to produce quality salt and reduce quality salt imports, means to contact relevant departments to attend technological courses for MSMEs, and collective elimination of illegal trade as it hurts local economy a lot. 

Manufacturing based on local agricultural and livestock breeding raw materials is being encouraged Then, the Senior General delivered a speech, saying he has visited the state to carry out necessary tasks for development of manufacturing for the development in Rakhine State in order to boost the economy of the country. Ks-10 billion from the economic boosting funds of the country has been provided for capital investments for agriculture and livestock breeding tasks in Rakhine State. Manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock breeding in Rakhine State must be encouraged successfully.

Economic growth of the country dropped due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and political changes and more challenges were faced because domestic manufacturing had not been encouraged in the past. It was found that the country relied heavily on  foreign  assistance  and loans. Therefore, the government has been exerting efforts for economic development of the country amid difficulties.

About 70 percent of the population of the country reside in rural areas and mainly carry out agriculture and livestock breeding for their living. As it is necessary to carry out sound businesses to boost the economy, manufacturing based on local raw materials must be encouraged. As economic development of the people in rural areas is low, businesses based in rural areas must be carried out for the development of their socioeconomic lives.

Encouraging domestic manufacturing amounts to boosting the economy of the country In carrying out manufacturing tasks for the development of the domestic economy, agriculture and livestock breeding products at home must be used. Encouraging domestic manufacturing amounts to boosting the economy of the country. As manufacturing valueadded products creates job  opportunities and accelerates the money circulation, it will bring benefits for the country.

As the government is taking measures  to  export  valueadded products manufactured by MSMEs and efforts must be exerted to manufacture export products.

Interests of local residents must be advanced by beneficially utilizing local products and resources Rakhine State is a region which boasts favourable conditions and is abundant in natural resources. As raw rubber products are manufactured in large volumes in Rakhine State, manufacturing value added rubber consumer products can contribute to domestic consumption and surplus can be exported. It would be more beneficial if products which are in great demand at home like tyres for vehicles and motorcycles could be manufactured. Leather can be manufactured from livestock breeding farms and consumer products based on leather and rubber can be manufactured.

As the country has to import paper from other country every year,  a  large  sum  of  foreign exchange is being spent. As Rakhine State is abundant in bamboo, which can be used in production of pulp, bamboo must be utilize properly. As a large number of coconut trees grow in Rakhine State, coconut products can be manufactured successfully. It will be of great benefit for the state by manufacturing industrial products with the use of local raw materials.

Inputs are essential for manufacturing. To make natural fertilizer necessary for agriculture, carry out livestock breeding tasks properly and bio-fertilizer can be produced from animal waste. If livestock breeding tasks are carried out pro perly through the cooperative system, livestock farms will be more successful.

Building the nation through encouraging education Man is essential in doing any business. Man’s efforts will help achieve success in businesses. Therefore, education must be given encouragement for development of human resources in nation building tasks. Our country has had a weakness in respect to education and therefore, education must be encouraged for having good human resources. Although Rakhine State has a high education, it has been lower lately.  Weakness in education causes lack of skilled labour. As a result, the economy lagged behind development. According to the 2014 census, it is aware that our nation’s education must be encouraged. Therefore, we are focusing on the domestic economy and education.

To fulfill the need of human resources, universities and colleges are being opened. Parents of the students and officials in the region are urged to encourage that their children will be educated. As only if educated, will their social standing get improved, parents are to act for improving their children’s education. Plenty of educated persons will help boost human resources of the nation. That is why parents of students and officials concerned need to focus on tasks for improvement of education.

Development of tourism in Rakhine State Rakhine State has already had good basics for domestic and international tourism industries. Development of tourism will be helpful to sales of regional food items and personal goods. For this, it is necessary to ensure standard packaging and quality. To attract the travellers, it is necessary to work together to ensure your region is pleasant and beautiful.

Can prosperous future be handed down only when stability has been restored When the State is endeavouring enthusiastically for development of the nation, the residents in the Rakhine State are to work together for regional development. As peace and stability of the region will be helpful to the tasks for regional development, all are to work together for ensuring peace and stability and rule of law in the region. For this, the State will provide necessary things.We are making efforts to resume the election. When the time comes for the election, it is to make efforts to be able to hold the election throughout the entire Rakhine State.

Only if perpetual peace is kept in the Rakhine State will the regional next generation enjoy and relay future life and be helpful to regional develop-ment. We have laid down the political objectives and economic goals and are implementing those goals and objectives. Achieving  success  in  these goals will be helpful to the development of the nation. All the departmental personnel, security personnel and local people in the state are urged to work all together for development, peace and stability of the nation.

Afterwards, the Senior General cordially greeted MSMEs entrepreneurs.

Later, the Senior General took a tour of exhibits on regional products such as fishery products, foodstuff, personal goods, industrial products, traditional handicrafts, and clothing. He had questions on regional products’ markets and the regional entrepreneurs reported on their businesses.