Senior General Min Aung Hlaing cordially meets officers, other ranks, families of Kalay, Cikon stations, gives instructions

Nay Pyi Taw  October  27

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing today met with officers, other ranks and families of Kalay and Cikon stations of North-West Command and gave instructions.

Also present at the meetings were Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, wife of the Senior General, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and their wives, Commander of North-West Command Maj-Gen Myo Moe Aung and wife, officers, other ranks and families of Kalay and Cikon stations.

In his speeches at the meetings, the Senior General said while the Tatmadaw is serving the State defence and security duties, local regiments and units must carry out security measures, and peace and tranquility of assigned areas. In so doing, these regiments and units must cooperate with the people in their tasks. The Senior General stressed the need to have always readiness for fighting in discharging duties of regional security and control of the region. They all must take full training for ensuring high military caliber. If servicemen are not fit in fighting in the battlefield, they cannot dutifully serve the assigned tasks. So, they all need to take individual and group-wise training in a correct way. By doing so, it is a move to enhance combat power and combat capability of the Tatmadaw. All servicemen must be healthy and take training for fitness. They must have characteristics of Tatmadaw members. They must take physical exercises for fitness on a daily basis. Since start of their in-service lives, the Tatmadaw firstly gave basic military training to them in equal term. They then attend more training courses related to their corps. Whatever units of the Tatmadaw they serve, servicemen must have outlooks of military knowledge and conscience similar to those of infantry troops. They must always take correct training to have skill for their duty and jobs. As it cannot guess when enemy, natural disaster and pandemic will emerge, preparations must always be made.

In the COVID-19 outbreak, the country has seen over 46,000 cases and over 1,000 deaths. The whole world has reported over 43 million cases and over a million deaths. The people need to follow the guidelines and instructions from the Ministry of Health and Sports. Socio-economy is being affected across the globe. The Tatmadaw has been effectively engaging in agricultural and livestock breeding tasks since 2012. So, it has food security and even surpluses are being sold at reduced prices to needy local people and departmental personnel. Tatmadaw-owned farms and small-scale farms must continue to run.

Despite school closures due to the COVID -19 outbreak, children must be let to learn their school subjects at home. Servicemen themselves must read and learn to be able to disseminate their knowledge and wisdom. Everyone, regardless of gender, must read to improve their lives. With the pandemic outbreak, a lot of publications have stopped circulation. The Tatmadaw continues to publish its newspapers, journals, magazines and other knowledgeable books. This is for Tatmadaw officers and other ranks and their families so that they cannot left behind others in knowledge.

The multi-party democracy election will take place soon. The elected representatives must carry out tasks such as electing President, doing legislation and implementing regional development tasks in coordination with administrative bodies. So those selected represen-tatives must have the capability to shoulder these duties. They must have legislative knowledge and be honest and upright with wider experiences. They must be able to serve the regional and national interests. Therefore, it is better to choose the representatives of such qualities, the Senior General said.   

After the meetings, the Senior General presented surgical masks, foodstuffs, books and journals and sport equipment for officers, other ranks and families of respective stations to responsible officers while Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, the wife of the Senior General, presented cash rewards for the maternal and child welfare association to responsible persons.

Then, the Senior General and wife and party cordially greeted officers, other ranks and families from respective stations. Afterwa-rds, the Senior General and party inspected regiments and units in Cikon Station by car.

This morning, the Senior General and party visited the housing complex for war veterans in Homalin and inspected progress of seven one-storey duplexes and future construction plans before warmly greeting the war veterans who live in the housing complex.

Then, the Senior General and wife and party proceeded to Sasana Zawtika Myoma Monastery in Homalin and paid homage to Presiding Nayaka Bhaddanta Indavamsa and monks before offering 60 bags of rice, 90 viss of edible oil, 30 viss of salt, 200 viss of gram, household goods produced by factories of the Tatmadaw, cash for nine prere-quisites and foodstuffs donated by the families of the Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) to the Sayadaw. Afterwards, the Senior General and party asked after the health of the Sayadaw and supplicated religious matters. Then, the Senior General and party inspected the construction of Dhammarama four-storey build-ing contributed by families of the Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) and well-wishers in the precinct of the monastery and offered suggestions on requirements before warmly greeting local residents.