Strength must be reinforced as it can bring positive changes and developments

Strength must be reinforced as it can bring positive changes and developments

NAY PYI TAW March 19

    Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met officers, other ranks and families from Monywa Station, North West Command Headquarters, at Zeyathiri Hall of the command HQ this afternoon.

Present together with the Senior General were his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Tun Aung and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and their wives, the command commander and officials. 

In his address, the Senior General said “Strength” is just a single word, but it can bring positive changes and developments for the State and the Tatmadaw. In this regard, we must increase strength without fail based on internal unity of the Tatmadaw and the nation.

Political developments of the State He then explained in detail the Tatmadaw’s leadership role in establishing multiparty democracy system in the country in accord with the people’s aspiration, introduction of multiparty democracy system in 2011, Tatmadaw’s dutiful performances in all assignments and necessary advices during the terms of two democratic governments, vote rigging in the 2020 multiparty general election, the failure to solve the vote rigging problem, Tatmadaw’s  assumption  of  State duties after declaring state of emergency due to the national situation, political developments during the past successive governments, Tatmadaw’s role in protecting the national interest and public lives and property and enforcing national security in accord with the law under various governments, Tatmadaw’s adoption of policies and objectives for political, economic, social and allround development of the nation amidst the destructive acts of negative forces that were using hardships and political situation triggered by COVID-19 as a pretext. 

Restoration of peace and stability in the entire country; holding a free and fair election

    The Senior General said the Tatmadaw’s main duty is to protect the country’s sovereignty from external threats and national interest. At present, the Tatmadaw is striving to hold a free and fair election and enforcing peace and the rule of law in the whole country. An election will be free and fair only if there is peace and stability and no pressures, and a correct election result will come out only if the election is free from pressures and coercions. Election is the essential part of multiparty democracy system.

The Tatmadaw is paying serious attention to the termination ethnic conflicts as restoration of peace in the entire country is the main requirement for the success of the coming election. In this regard, it is holding peace talks with EAOs. Tatmadaw is doing its best in the talks while weighing the aspirations and visions of EAOs and reality. The parliament is the highest political institution of democracy.  So, ethnic  races should  participate more in the parliament or the political podium to demand their rights in accord with the law. Talks with EAOs have produced positive results for the nation, and the remaining detailed facts will be discussed at the coming talks. Areawise officials should strive to ensure peace, stability and rule of law in their respective places.

Improvement of military capability and discipline enforcement

     Learned military knowledge must be fully applied in ensuring peace and stability in military command areas. Soldiers must undergo constant training as they all have completed their basic military courses. They will be able to reduce losses at the battle if every one of them can fully apply their military tactics and knowledge. They should always make themselves fit for duty. They must observe the rules of engagement. As discipline is the backbone of  Tatmadaw,

every soldier must seriously obey the discipline to become a good soldier.

It is necessary to put an effort or use strength into carrying out any task so that success can be achieved. With unity in the Tatmadaw, such a strength can be built up. Then, success will be achieved in implementing tasks. Thus, focus must be placed on unity within the Tatmadaw, and fair administrative system strengthen the unity. Individual soldiers need to be loyal to themselves as well as their families, comrades, Tatmadaw and country. Efforts must be exerted with a farsighted view to promote the strength of the Tatmadaw and the strength of the country.

Promote education Human resources equipped with knowledge and wisdom are essential for the progress of an individual, a region and a country. Therefore, officers, other ranks and their families need to constantly learn things that can improve their knowledge. During the summer holidays, their children should review the school lessons they have been taught and do summer courses such as ethical courses, basic computer courses and others. They also need to lead their children in order that they cannot fall into the wrong hands while they need to do things with care and consideration.  

Necessary to avoid self-indulgence and gambling Selfindulgence such as excessive fun and alcohol must be avoided. Smoking, drinking alcohol and chewing betel quid can affect the health of individuals and the environment as well as their socioeconomy. Selfindulgence and gambling can affect the living conditions of a family, so individuals need to control themselves with care and consideration. They should totally stay away from gambling and responsible officials need to supervise.

Welfare tasks

    When it comes to welfare tasks, there is a selfwelfare task and a welfare task implemented by upper level units. For selfwelfare tasks, a manageable-scale agriculture and livestock activities should be carried out, thereby contributing to family expenses. The militaryowned agricultural and livestock breeding businesses are for Tatmadaw families’ welfare. Therefore, those businesses need to be successful. Surplus products can be sold at reduced prices to members of Myanmar Police Force, civil servants and local people that can support the State in one way. Tatmadaw has provided rights and entitlements for Tatmadaw officers and other ranks for their living conditions. Moreover, there have been rights to shareholding in the Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd for individual soldiers to enjoy annual profits. These are being done for the sake of individual soldiers. So, they need to work and act with their own consideration.  

All Tatmadaw members need to eat rations provided by the Tatmadaw fully and nutritiously, so, they can be fit and healthy. Therefore, Tatmadaw welfare tasks must be successfully implemented. The strength from individual soldiers and families must be built up to achieve unity within the Tatmadaw.

Then, the Senior General provided foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and their families to the commander. The Senior General’s wife presented a cash award for the station maternal and child welfare association to the commander’s wife.

After the meeting, the Senior General and party coridally greeted the Tatmadaw members  and families and attended to their needs.

Agriculture and livestock farms inspected

    Then, the Senior General arrived at the integrated farm of the Command and inspected it. The Command Commander briefed on operation of militaryrun agriculture and livestock farms, breeding of poultry, pig, goat and cattle Kakikin duck, and greenhouse farming for seasonal crops, cultivation of tissue banana and selling meat,fish, milk and vegetables produced by the militaryrun agriculture and livestock farms to the families of officers and other ranks at a cheap price.

Regarding the report, the Senior General gave instructions saying that it is necessary to ensure an increase in production of poultry farms and systematic breeding in the farming as well. It is necessary to achieve success in beef cattle farming in order that Tatmadaw members could have meals nutritiously and dairy cattle breeding is to be successful as well. In fish farming, fish species truly helpful to consumption are needed to be bred. In greenhouse farming, it is to cultivate crops which do not have a good yield in the region. Only if seed, soil, water and technology are in hand fully, will the output be higher in the agriculture industry. It is necessary to run the agriculture and livestock business that will help the majority of the people consume.   

Afterwards, the Senior General and party took a tour of the integrated farm and gave necessary instructions on the reports by officials. 

This morning, the Senior General and wife and party arrived at the regional military hospital in Monywa.

At the hospital, the Senior General and party visited officers and other ranks who were wounded while discharging duties for stability of the State, security and rule of law, encouraged them and presented foodstuffs.  The wife of the Senior General and party also visited families of officers and other ranks and local militia members and the people shot and wounded by the terrorists in the name of PDF without any reason and presented foodstuff to them.