SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win addresses work coordination meeting of Steering Committee to Organize 24th Myanmar Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competition

SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win addresses work coordination meeting of Steering Committee to Organize 24th Myanmar Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competition

NAY PYI TAW August 11

The Steering Committee to Organize the 24th Myanmar Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competition held its work coordination meeting at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture at 2 pm today addressed by Patron of the Steering Committee Vice Chairman of State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win.

Present were union ministers, the Nay Pyi Taw Council chair, deputy ministers, members of the steering committee and work committees, chief ministers of regions and states, permanent secretaries, directors general, judges, and officials.

The Vice-Senior General said the Competition was held for 22 times from 1993 to 2016 with noble aims. The former union government could not hold the Competition for five years from 2017 to 2021 for various reasons. Some contests started to lose touch with Myanmar performing arts and some experienced persons passed away during the period. On the other hand, indecent music, songs composed with rough words, unmelodious dances that were against the Myanmar culture were penetrating the youth to a certain degree. Elderly experts who preserved Myanmar performing arts and youth who cherished it were longing for the Competition despite the negative situation.

At the meeting 3/2022 of Union government held on 5 May 2022, Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing gave guidance to hold the 23rd Competition on a grand scale, and stressed the need to identify and encourage well-experienced judges who could make correct decisions and who were free from corruption and promote new generation artists.

As the steering committee viewed from cultural angle, security angle and also from health angle, because of COVID-19 that was weakening then in making advanced programs together with work committees and subcommittees, the 23rd Competition was a success and it could bring about a lot of new artists.

The number of ardent contestants at the Competition exceeded the latest expected numbers. Hence, it was a valuable achievement for the relevant committees. A country with high level of civilization has the significant intangible evidences of a long cultural history and the evolution of its performing arts and cultural values.

SAC in shouldering the State duties paid serious attention to Section 27 of the Constitution “The Union shall assist development, consolidation and preservation of National culture.” Section 33 “The Union shall strive for youth to have strong and dynamic patriotic spirit, the correct way of thinking and to develop the five noble strengths” Section 390 (a) “preservationand safeguarding of cultural heritage;” and held the 23rd Competition successfully on a grand scale. The meeting is held to hold the 24th Competition a national level event on a grand scale.

Therefore, officials of the Steering Committee, sub-committees and relevant ministries and representatives of regions and states are urged to discuss sector-wise matters in order that the 24th Myanmar Traditional Performing Arts Competition developed seriously by the State with the objectives will take place within a thriving circle of complete contest contents, judges and new blood of little known youths with talent as in the previous years. All are to work together to successfully hold the competition turning the weak points experienced in the 23rd Competition into the advantages.

Afterwards, Chairman of the Steering Committee Union Minister U Tint Oo Lwin briefed on the state of holding the previous competition, arrangements for holding the 24th Competition and prizes to be presented.

Next, Secretary of the Steering Committee Deputy Minister Daw Nu Mya Zan briefed on the objectives of the competition, formation of the Steering Committee, working committee and sub-committees and their duties, and process of holding the competition.

Then, Union Ministers U Nyan Tun, Dr. Nyunt Pe, Dr. Thet Khaing Win and Dr. Thet Thet Khine, the Chairman of Nay Pyi Taw Council and ministers of region and state governments participated in the discussions on holding the competition successfully.

Afterwards, officials of respective sub-committees submitted sector-wise matters on the competition.

Then, the judges for the competition and officials submitted their suggestions on the competition.

Later on, the Vice Chairman of SAC, Patron of the Steering Committee, made coordination on the discussions and suggestions and gave concluding remarks.