Trachypithecus popa recorded as new primate species


Long-tail monkeys called Trachypithecus popa found near the Mt Popa have been recognized as a new primate species by the German Primate Centre on 11 November, according to Fauna & Flora International (FFI) – Myanmar Programme.

The German Primate Centre and the FFI together with local and foreign experts conducted field trips and scientific research into the new species of Popa langur (Trachypithecus popa). The new species is mostly found in central Myanmar, especially near Mt Popa and named Popa long-tail monkeys.

The monkeys have been recognized as a new primate species. They have grey hair and their faces look like masks. They inhabit forests in central Myanmar. The new species of monkey is found in four places in Myanmar including Popa, Bago Mountain range, Panlong Pyadalin and Yathepyan Mountain. There are only about 250 Popa long-tail monkeys in the entire country. About 100 of its population inhabit Popa.

The Popa long-tail monkeys are an endemic species that can only be found in Myanmar and they have distinct colours, long tails and measurements of skulls. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) issued a statement to honour the researchers who discovered the new primate species.