Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers address at meeting (1/2024) of Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee of Republic of Union of Myanmar


Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers address at meeting (1/2024) of Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee of Republic of Union of Myanmar

NAY PYI TAW January 26

Meeting (1/2024) of the Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar was held at the meeting hall of the Office of the Chair- man of the State Administration Council in Nay Pyi Taw this afternoon and Chairman of the Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee of Republic of Union of Myanmar Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered an address at the meeting.

Also present were Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo and members Admiral Tin Aung San, Lt-Gen Yar Pyae, U Wunna Maung Lwin, Daw Dwe Bu and Mahn Nyein Maung of the SAC, union ministers, the chairman of the Union Public Service Board and officials.

First, the Senior General de- livered an address, saying it is necessary to discuss security affairs frankly and issues that undermine security must be solved by discussing them in advance in the interest of the country and the people. For example, intimidation of non CDM government staff, the flow of illegal commodities, intimidation of the public by fabricating fake news and undermining the security mechanism through other ways and means are matters that must be viewed with security awareness. The refore, concerted efforts must be made for security, peace, stability and the rule of law of the country.

Political changes in the country led to conflicts in 2021 and protests, which were the fun damental stage of the conflicts, turn into violence. Some ethnic armed organizations that wan ted to see the deterioration of stability of the country and wanted to exploit the situation politically conducted terrorist courses for violent youths and provided them with weapons and ammunition. It can be seen that terrorist attacks broke out in some townships in 2023.

Therefore, the Tatmadaw, in cooperation with the Myanmar Police Force and the people, has been exerting efforts to eliminate armed terrorist attacks. Although the Tatmadaw is mainly responsible for defending the countries from foreign enemies, it has to take part in tasks for domestic security and the rule of law together with members of the MPF in line with historical conditions. As members of the MPF have to deal with the public most extensively, they are required to carry out duties for public security and the rule in cooperation with administrators and general administration officials in respective regions. I have discussed a public security system with chairmen, vice chair- men and officials of political parties, which have been per mitted to register, in order to implement an inclusive security system for the public. The public security system is essential and tasks for stability and the rule of law will achieve success if administrative bodies and security officials are united.

It is vital for the people to report activities of terrorists to authorities and their identities must be kept secret. There- fore, it is necessary to implement the public security system systemically and a public defence system must be implemented through the public security system.

In order to ensure the rule of law, the relevant officials need to reach out and take strict action. Departmental staff and security officials need to fulfill their duties and do the right thing, and disciplinary measures are necessary for civil servants to make themselves trustworthy by the public. The public will participate only if they develop trust. Strict action must be taken to make them disciplined civil servants and security members. As civil servants, they have to do good for the country by fulfilling their duties throughout their service tenure. A government has its own policies. By successfully implementing the objectives, it has to work for the good of the country within a certain period of time. Therefore, as civil servants, they need to work in the interest of the country, not the government.

Regarding illegal trade, there are some people who are operating beyond the law in the country, and as businessmen, they are working for their own interests with greed. In addition to trade and economy, security must also be taken into account, and the flow of money to armed terrorists through illegal trade will harm security. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively identify and take action against illegal trade. Regarding drugs, poppy cultivation and drug production and smuggling must be exposed more than now. As armed terrorists are working on drugs for their own benefit, it is necessary to fight it in collaboration with neighboring countries such as China and Thailand and organizations related to the fight against drugs, such as the United Nations. In addition, online gambling and financial frauds must be exposed, and effective action must be taken.

In taking measures to ensure security, peace, stability and the rule of law, all the officials of the government must work together. So, the council members, Union ministers and officials in attendance are urged to discuss positively for the sake of the country, the Senior General said.

After that, the SAC joint secretary and members and Union ministers reported their relevant sectors and matters related to security, peace, stability and the rule of law.

After the reports, the Senior General gave his closing speech saying that his government is working for stability and law and order. A country needs to be militarily, economically and politically strong. The main thing is that special attention must be paid to improving the economy. There are economic weaknesses due to the inability to successfully engage in agricultural activities and the factories’ inability to run with full capacity. The countries which are militarily and economically strong are not subject to any interference from other countries. So, all need to work together to make the country better.

If we look at it from a political point of view, even though our country is walking on the path of democracy, we can see that unity is still weak. It has been more than 75 years since independence, but the country has not yet been able to build a strong political system. We have two political goals: a genuine and disciplined democracy and the establishment of a union based on democracy and federalism. With a democratic spirit and the spirit to do good for the country, measures must be taken, according to these goals. The current problem that autonomy and self-administration for regions and states are being demanded outside the frame work of law. Therefore, regarding politics, it is still necessary to act in accordance with the laws, rules and disciplines.

The Constitution (2008) was approved by 92.48 percent of voters. The constitution was approved by the majority of the people, so it cannot be over- ridden. We are maintaining the country in accordance with the Constitution (2008). self governance; Regarding autonomy and self-administration, we need to conduct political discussions and approve them in parliament. It cannot be demanded by armed struggle. There are 135 ethnic groups in the country, and there are minority ethnic groups as well as majority ethnic groups. Therefore, in order for all ethnic groups to have equal rights, discussions are being held to hold an election through a PR system. The regions and states have their division of power. Discussions are also underway with the political parties ethnic armed groups to achieve political stability.

It is necessary for all people to know the true situation in taking measures for security, peace, stability and the rule of law in the country. All the officials at region, state, district and township levels have been instructed to ensure that their respective tasks are carried out correctly, the Senior General concluded.