National Defence and Security Council Meeting 1/2024 of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar held


National Defence and Security Council Meeting 1/2024 of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar held


Nay Pyi Taw January 31

    The National Defence and Security Council of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar held meeting No 1/2024 at the Office of the State Administration Council Chairman in Nay Pyi Taw today.

Also present at the meeting were Pro Tem President U Myint Swe, Vice-President U Henry Van Thio, Speaker of Pyithu Hluttaw U T Khun Myat, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Union Minister for Defence Admiral Tin Aung San, Union Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Yar Pyae, Union Minister for Foreign Affairs U Than Swe, Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Tun Tun Naung, specially invited SAC Secretary Lt-Gen Aung Lin Dway and Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo.

Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General explained undertakings in the six-month period of the State responsibilities and future tasks. He said: with regard to the State security measures, some EAO and PDF terrorists committed various ways and means for deterioration of socio-economic life of the people and peace and stability of the nation within six-month period. Regarding the incidents of Shan State (North), MNDAA insurgents launched attacks on Chinshwehaw with the use of drones starting from 27 October. To do so, MNDAA had made preparations with several meetings with its alliances since 2022. Alliances provided arms and ammunition, electronic technologies and monetary assistance. MNDAA primarily aimed to rebuild its power in Kokang region as Special Region-1. At present, MNDAA robs property of the people in their occupied towns and destroy these property and recruited new members from families of local ethnics.

MNDAA acts the armed struggling line to grasp the power without following the legal affairs in Myanmar which exercises democratic system. The 2008 Constitution allows all ethnics with equal term of rights as well as all regions and states in addition to self-administered zones. The Kokang region in the eastern part of Thanlwin River was designated as Kokang Self-Administered Zone in the Constitution (2008). Before the constitution, it was a special region. Kokang armed group led by U Pheung Kya-Shin which split from Burma Communist Party had joined hands with the Tatmadaw till 2009. Since then, the airbases of Tatmadaw were stationed to administer the region together. Although they were warned severally not to produce narcotic drugs in 2009, the group did not follow the warning. So, military action was taken against them. Kokang Self-Administered Zone was administered by selected persons since 2011. Then, Myanmar- China border trade was opened in Yanlonkeng of Laukkai and Myanmar-China trade measures in Chinshwehaw under the agreements of both governments till the period before the attacks.

Tatmadaw will allow desires of ethnic armed organizations under the Constitution and some measures will be decided under the voting. Tatmadaw had disclosed that it agreed to amend some appropriate facts in the Constitution at the meetings with ethnic leaders and political leaders. According to the history and official relations process of both countries, all things will be taken under the law in Kokang Special Region.

    Tatmadaw representatives hold the meeting. If these facts are under ignorance, it can be accepted to renew the warlord system due to some reasons.

MNDAA insurgents attacked Chinshwehaw and Kunlong whereas its allied TNLA insurgents attacked Hsenwi on Lashio-Muse route and disturbed Kutkai. TNLA insurgents attacked Muse trade zone in 2016 and people’s militia camps and security outposts in Muse in 2018. So, clashes happened between Tatmadaw and TNLA.

TNLA continued attacks on Namkham, Namhsam, Mantung, Namtu and Mongngaw regions.

It aims to grasp Palaung region.

The Constitution sets Palaung Self-Administered Zone for Palaung region. TNLA commits attacks to seize the greater power. They extremely rob and destroy property of residents and recruit new troops, making plights for residents. So, tea production of Palaung region much declines. All basic education schools were closed. Up to now, Palaung region faces more economic and educational problems. If it accepts the multiparty democratic system, it has many opportunities to hold political dialogues. But, TNLA turned a blind eye to such point and used arms struggling. The insurgents buy drones from the neighboring country and some drones can be prepared to be military used and contacted with the large bombs. Insurgents interrupted main union highways not to improve socioeconomic life of the ethnic people and blocks of border trade route. Border trade is initiated under agreements of relevant countries. So, Myanmar is holding meetings with China to operate regular process of border trade measures in Muse region.

Tatmadaw takes all measures under the Rules of Engagement for Self- Defence and the Rules of Engagement for Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Insurgency Operations to restore normalcy not to cause misunderstanding with other country.

So, Tatmadaw manages restricted operations not to fall shells and vehicles beyond the border line as well as not to harm the people.

    Insurgents intentionally launch heavy weapons into other country to cause misunderstanding.

So, officials of both sides held talks to solve it. As insurgents attacked the military with technology and excessive strengths, Tatmadaw retreated from some posts due to possibilities to harm the military families.

The complications in Shan State (North) were rooted on online scams. Kokang region has been drug trafficking and gambling measures since many years. During the outbreak of COVID-19, online gambling were committed, and its supporting staff were brought there. Then, foreigners illegally arrived in Kaukkai region. At present, most of illegal businesses are based in border regions of Myanmar, China and Laos to commit online scam and online gambling on a wider scale. So, Myanmar, China and Laos negotiate to effectively combat such acts.

Most of them are foreigners under the protection of ethnic armed organizations. As they can do illegal businesses relying on arms, it is necessary to cease the armed struggling.

Severe action is being taken against those involved in the cases.

    During the period from 5 October 2023 to 29 January 2024, a total of 48,210 Chinese and 1,810 other foreigners, totaling 50,020 who illegally reside in Myanmar have been handed over to relevant countries. On 23 January 2024, 1,002 male and 36 female Chinese, totaling 1,038 who fled from Pansang, Laukkai, Mongpauk and Mongla regions were handed over to the relevant country under the law.

With regard to AA insurgents, AA insurgents violated the temporary ceasefire agreed with Tatmadaw in 2020 and participated in incidents in Shan State (North) in October 2023.

Mainly, it wishes to take arms assistance from its alliances.

From the time of Tatmadaw government to date, development tasks are being undertaken in Rakhine State. So, Rakhine State can see unprecedented development at present. At a time when Rakhine State faced impacts of storm Mocha, Tatmadaw and the government made utmost efforts for rehabilitation in Rakhine State. The Senior General himself arrived in Sittwe and inspected loss and damage in the natural disaster and mane many measures. The SAC Vice Chairman and senior military officers were sent to other townships to manage quick rehabilitation tasks. So, these regions regained improvements.

Now, all storm-hit areas have greater progress. All universities and basic education schools have been opened in Rakhine State 17 days after the storm with the largest enrolment rate.

However, AA insurgents launched its attacks on Don paik police outpost of border guard police force in Rakhine State at 5 am on 13 November 2023.

Then, it used drones in attacking two security posts in Paleta region and then Pauktaw. At present, AA is attacking in some regions of northern Rakhine State. Local Rakhine ethnics are suffering impacts of the acts of AA insurgents which commit instability in the region. It is the time of the year when students from basic education schools and universities are studying for the 2023-2024 academic year and a total of 573,000 basic education students in Rakhine State were going to school when the academic year started. At present, only 279,392 students are attending classes due to the intimidation of terrorist insurgents. As 48.76 percent of the students have failed to attend classes, the destructive effects of the insurgents have affected the future of the local national race residents.

     It can be seen that the AA insurgent group has been exploiting their Rakhine people by recruiting under-aged students, intimidating them with weapons and instigating racial hatred against other ethnic groups with the only aim of seizing power. Only when everlasting peace is restored in Rakhine State, can better future lives be handed down to new generations and the state achieve development, the Tatmadaw has been taking measures for stability of the state and local residents of Rakhine State are required to cooperate in the efforts.

    It can be seen that the CNF, one of the signatories to the NCA, joined the so-called CDF terrorist groups and carried out the acts of terror. The Tatmadaw launched operations against the CNF/CDF and has managed to recapture Thantalan occupied by the terrorist insurgent since 29 October, 2023. The terrorist insurgents attacked Rikhawda town in Hpalam Township and Lailenpi town and Rezua town in Matupi Township and currently, the insurgents have caused instabilities in Teddim town, Kanpetlet town and Kyindwe town and other areas in Chin State.

In connection with the KNPP/ KNDF, the insurgents have launched massive attacks on Loikaw in Kayah State since 11 November, 2023. Thanks to local residents who are not in favour of terrorism, the Tatmadaw managed to defeat so many KNPP/KNDF insurgents. It was also found that the KNPP/ KNDF had to try to hoard weapons and ammunition to launch such attacks. Their weapons were seized at Sawtar Village in Mongpyin Village tract in Hopone Township on 17 December, 2022, at Panmont Village in Panglong town on 16 November, 2023, and Sanphu Village in Panglong town on 20 January, 2024, totalling 1,133 small weapons, 10 RPGs, more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition, more than 7,600 grenades, six 107 mm electric missiles and accessories in the three seizures and their weapons and ammunition were seized from their ethnic alliances.

As such smuggling of weapons and ammunition to Kayah State through various ways and means were uncovered, the act of terror of the KNPP/KNDF and so-called PDF terrorists, that are carrying out terror acts in Kayah State, could be prevented to some extent. The existence of disloyal ethnic armed groups, that are instigating conflicts and destroying the country, is very dangerous for the country at a time when a union based on democracy and federalism is being built.

As for the KNU insurgents, it has not only supported the opposition but also launched attacks on small outposts in Myawaddy and Kawkareik towns based on political developments in 2021 and launched a massive attack on a Tatmadaw outpost on 24 November, 2023. It was also found that they also attacked and destroyed the Chaunghnakya Bridge in Kyaikmaraw Township on 27 November, 2023. As the insurgent group and so-called PDF terrorist came to attack eight places in Kawkareik town at 3 am on 1 December, 2023, the Tatmadaw had to push back them. As evidence has shown that the KNU insurgent group committed not only acts of terror through various ways and means but also online scams and online gambling at the Thai-Myanmar border as well as trafficking in person giving excuse to ideological differences, measures are being taken to take action to arrest them in cooperation with the neighbouring country for the rule of law. As the KNU insurgent group has launched battles to hinder the socioeconomic development of local residents in Kayin State, the Tatmadaw has taken measures to restore local stability.

Attacks of the so-called PDF terrorists committed acts of terror killed a total of 520 people including three monks, 438 innocent people and 79 public staff during the six-month period from 1 August, 2023 to 29 January, 2024. As for terrorist destruction, public facilities including 11 communication towers, 97 roads, bridges and toll gates, six health facilities, 13 schools and education facilities were destroyed during the period. So-called PDF terrorists' acts of terror killed 6,880 people including 77 monks/two nuns, 5,677 innocent people and 1,124 public staff and destroyed 559 electric/communication towers, 53 public health facilities, 66   religious   edifices. 1,487 roads, bridges/toll gates, 670 schools/ education facilities and many residential buildings during the period from 1 January, 2021 to 29 January, 2024. Moreover, they made 413 rude intimidations against education staff. At about 5.50 pm on 13 November, 2023,

the so-called KNPP insurgent and so-called PDF terrorists attacked Loikaw University intentionally and forcefully abducted faulty members and student who were studying there.

It was found that the insurgent and terrorist groups are instigating instabilities and taking advantage of the situation, they are carrying out drug trafficking.

As drug trafficking encourages money laundering, arm smuggling and terrorism, it is a challenge to stability in the country.

    As chemicals and precursor materials used in manufacturing narcotic drugs can be produced in the country, the insurgents are smuggling them into the country through various ways and means.

In connection with the seizure of chemical and precursor materials, during the six-month period from 1 August 2023 to 29 January 2024, 3,272 cases of drug smuggling including seizure of 1.1 ton of heroine, over 117 million stimulant tablets and more than 14.665 tons of ice worth Ks-781.02 billion were uncovered and 4,373 males/ females were arrested. During the period from 1 February 2021 to 29 January, 2024, more than 6.05 tons of heroine and more than 629 million of stimulant tablets and 53 tons of ice worth more than Ks- 3,354 billion were seized in Myanmar in cases involving 29,486 people.

During the period from 3 to 9 December 2023, the seizure of narcotic drugs from the AA insurgent group amounted to Ks- 51.87 billion worth of over 2 tons of ice (Methamphetamine) and 800 kilograms of restricted chemicals and the drug smuggling insurgent members were arrested.

Looking at the narcotic drug production in Myanmar in successive eras, it was found that poppy was cultivated and opium was produced in remote areas, which were inaccessible in terms of administration and transportation and were underdeveloped and lacking in security and stability.

    After regaining independence, the cultivation of poppy was accelerated in Shan State after Myanmar was trespassed by the Kuomintang. Then, the cultivation of poppy and production of drugs was expanded by the Burma Communist Party and other insurgent groups that emerged later for their survival and Shan State has become notorious for production of the largest amount of opium in the world.

Opium poppy was cultivated mostly in Shan State and it has become the narcotic hub and as the land routes to smuggle narcotic drugs from the region to other places due to strict inspection, maritime routes were used for the purpose, according to the annual report of the UNODC for 2023. The UNODC, in cooperation with the Myanmar Narcotic Drug and Stimulant Tablets Prevention

Central Committee, surveyed the poppy cultivation and opium production and it was found that opium poppy cultivation dropped year by year but in the UNODC annual report for 2023 reported that 40,100 hectares of opium poppy was cultivated in Myanmar in 2022 and the opium poppy cultivation acreage of Myanmar increased 33 percent, compared with the total opium poppy cultivation acreage of Myanmar of 30200 hectares in 2022. As a result, it is necessary to continue to investigate, survey and destroy the poppy fields by effective trilateral cooperation among China, Thailand and Myanmar.

Myanmar has been carrying out anti-narcotic drug tasks as a national responsibility and is cooperating with neighboring countries, members of the ASEAN, Mekong countries, the BIMSTEC and international anti-narcotic drug organizations including the UN. Combat against narcotic drugs will be successful only when the efforts will be made as a national responsibility by all countries as much as possible in terms of intellectual and physical strengths.

Since the terrorist insurgents are attacking from all sides to destabilize the country, measures are being taken to increase the public defense and security system, including the local militias. The goals set by the SAC will be able to move forward with a firm democratic system only when the country is stable and peaceful. Thus, those aims and objectives will go as they are. For the stability of the country, not only the security forces, but also the entire public need to prevent terrorist attacks. Regarding the public security system, at the moment, we are planning to do it according to the relevant area, and we are working together with the public to provide full security according to the region. Through that, we will have to go to the public defence system. The important thing is to give information about the opposition groups that exist in the relevant regions. The informant also needs to be given special confidentiality.

When doing this, it is necessary for all ethnic people who are patriotic, love the country and are willing to develop the nation to join together. As there are attempts to not only harm the country’s peace and stability but also to insult the race and religion, the SAC will use all possible means to restore the State to full peace and stability.

Regarding the education sector, in the 2023-2024 academic year, there were 8,108,227 students enrolled in basic education schools throughout the country, and only 6,767,763 are currently attending school, so it has been found that there are 1,340,464 people who fail to attend school for various reasons. The percentage is 16.53 percent. Looking back at the failed areas, that has happened in some areas of Kayin State and Chin State, Kayah State, Rakhine State and Shan State (North). It is clear that the fighting is the result of the lack of stability.

As for the universities, there were 112,968 students attending when they opened in the 2023-2024 academic year, and 86,687 students are currently studying peacefully, so there are 26,281 absentees. The percentage is 23.3 percent. Loikaw University is unable to attend 100 percent.

Chin State, Rakhine State and Shan State (Northern) universities have the highest percentage of absenteeism. There are also students who are transferring to universities in other regions and states. The actions of the terrorist insurgents directly affect the education of the youth, who are the future human resources of the nation.

This action is very worrying for the future of the nation, so the entire public and all international organizations must oppose it.

Because our country is moving towards a multi-party democratic system, there should be no more political, racial or religious differences.

Efforts are being made to reach the path of democracy and parliament peacefully. The NCA was ceremonially signed on October 15, 2025 in the presence of the government, Parliament, the Tatmadaw and ethnic armed organizations, including international witnesses, such as the United Nations. It is a historic contract approved by the Union Parliament as the Union Accord, so it will never be void.

The 8th Anniversary of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) which fell on October 15, 2023 was also attended by a wide range of stakeholders from home and abroad. It was successfully held in a meaningful way.

During the meetings with both NCA signatories and non-signatories, I repeatedly told them to ask for their demands only in the parliament through the peace table because, otherwise, it would be a deviation from the democratic system. Some groups of the KNU that favor violence among the ethnic armed groups that have signed the NCA, and among the 11 armed groups that have not yet signed the NCA, KIA, SSPP/SSA and KNPP insurgent groups have encouraged and supported terrorists named PDF and made them carry out terrorist activities all over the country.

Since its inception, the SAC has adopted 2 political goals: the strengthening of a genuine and disciplined multi-party democratic system and the establishment of a union based on democracy and federalism.

The participation of every citizen is important for the successful implementation of these 2 political goals. Anyone or any organization must avoid activities that may deviate from the democratic path, and must respect and obey the existing laws in accordance with the Constitution. In building a union based on democracy and a federal system, which is the wish of all ethnic people, a system that is compatible with the country must be chosen. In Myanmar, there is no region or state where only an ethnic group lives. People of all ethnicities are living there. Therefore, in terms of politics, a multi-party democratic system will be used, and in terms of administration, we are working to implement a union system based on democracy and federalism. In the 2008 Constitution, regarding the federal authority, the federal level in the table (1, 2, 3, 5), the region level, the state level and every self-governing have already been prescribed.

The Tatmadaw enacted the constitution in accordance with the will of the people through a national referendum. It has been enacted since 2008, and we have said many times that we agree that the provisions that should be amended will be amended to suit the current situation. Many points could be corrected during the previous government, but there are still points that cannot be confirmed because the people's referendum has not been held yet. Chapter (12) of the constitution contains provisions on how to amend it, so they must act in accordance with the constitution. The amendment of the constitution can only be done through the parliament. Therefore, I would like to say that we will be able to hold a multi-party democratic general election according to the previous procedures established by our government.

And through parliament, we must amend the provisions that are inconsistent with the current system.

 The ethnic armed groups that have signed the NCA also need to participate in the mandatory elections to strengthen the country's democratic system.

The Myanmar Tatmadaw is an organization that has led the development of the multi-party democratic system aspired by the people, and it is also an organization that is working to strengthen the country’s democratic system. In practicing a multi-party democratic system, free and fair elections are the lifeblood of this system, so only free and fair elections will show the true will of the people. Only when an election is free and fair, will the true will of the people be reflected and the democratic system will be meaningful. In the multi-party democratic general election of 2020, the previous NLD party acted in a disorganized manner, causing a black spot for the country. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the multi-party democratic system full of genuine discipline to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Since it is important to have multi-party participation in the election, the Union Election Commission met with the political parties four times and agreed to use the Closed List-PR system instead of the First Past the Post FPTP system, which is suitable and simple for Myanmar, in order to prevent the lost votes that occurred in the previous elections. Coordinated measures are also being taken to amend and publish the relevant parliamentary election laws and bylaws that are consistent with the proportional representation system. As political parties must take the lead in carrying out national duties, a new Political Parties Registration Law and rules were passed to make them stronger. New regulations have been promulgated. There have been 50 parties that applied for re-registration in accordance with the rules and 15 new parties that applied for the right to establish totaling 65 parties.

In order to have the right to vote without a gap between the whole country, the information on the basis of the ballot must be compiled correctly. Only if the basic information is correct will the ballots be correct.

There are 40 political parties that have not applied for reregistration in accordance with the law, and these political parties are automatically void as political parties according to Section 25 of the Political Parties Registration Law. Out of the 65 political parties that applied for re-registration and newly established registration, the Union Election Commission allowed 47 political parties to register, and 2 political parties were canceled in accordance with the law, so there are currently 45 existing political parties.

On January 6, 2024, he met with chairpersons, vice chairpersons and officials of the political parties that have already been allowed to be registered and openly discussed the current political situation in the state, the situation in which the terrorist attacks of some ethnic armed groups which have been widely depicted, the conditions of terrorists’ acts carried out by PDF terrorists, the conditions of the government's economic and social sector development,

the conditions of the election and the participating parties also presented their views on the current situation in the country and discussed the party's difficulties. They all agreed to make an all-out effort to hold the election successfully. A law has been issued to amend the provisions of the Political

Parties Registration Law. Article 429 of the 2008 Constitution also states that "The National Defence and Security Council shall hold a general election in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution within six months from the date of announcing the cancellation of the order under Article 426." Therefore, we will make efforts to hold the multi-party general election according to the number five of the five-point roadmap set by the State Administration Council.

The ultimate goal of the State Administration Council is to hold a free and fair multi-party democratic general election.

Although it will be difficult to successfully hold the election, we will do everything we can to ensure that the people do not lose their right to vote, and we will make efforts to have an orderly general election.

Since the Hluttaw is the highest political body in a democratic system, all ethnic groups will be able to participate in the Hluttaw to claim their local rights in accordance with the law.

According to the constitution, the President of the country is elected by the Union Hluttaw, and the Chief Ministers of the regions and states are elected by the respective regions and states. It is mandatory to select the designated representatives to be able to attend the meeting in order to make it a dignified meeting. Only if the relevant regional parties are included in these parliaments, they will be represented in the parliament, and they will be allowed to say what they want to happen with the voice of the people. About 28 percent of the country's population lives in cities and 72 percent lives in rural areas.

In some states and regions, the gap is greater than the current ratio. Therefore, we must not only look at the will of the city but also consider the voting rights of the rural people.

Therefore, regional stability and peace are being taken seriously in Sagging Region, Kayah, Chin and Rakhine states, which currently lacks stability and peace, and preliminary preparations are being made for the election. We cannot leave out any region or state to hold elections as there is no peace.

The elections need to make to hold the Hluttaw meetings that he presented above. If this is left, democracy will die out in the region. Dictatorship and warlord systems will enter. The local ethnic people will suffer.

Therefore, if we really want a democratic system, we must try to hold free and fair elections, and political parties need to help all round.

In order to have the right to vote without a gap between the whole country, the information on the basis of the ballot must be compiled correctly. Only if the basic information is correct will the ballots be correct. It is necessary to correct the ballot as much as possible to avoid the same situation that was stigmatized due to the wrong ballot in the 2020 general election.

Therefore, the national census will be conducted in 2024. In October, 2023, preliminary work was done in 100 polling stations in 20 townships to be able to successfully collect and prepare for the difficulties that may be encountered in enumeration. Based on the population collected from the population and household census 2014, the estimated population of Myanmar on October 1, 2023 is 56.2 million.

Only after the national census is conducted, the population list will be released and the voting lists will be compiled.

Only if the census can be fully collected, the correct ballots will be obtained and the election can be held correctly.

The Union Election Commission has made clarifications and practical demonstration test voting using Myanmar Electronic Voting Machine for voters to vote clearly and easily, to have the correct vote results, to have no rejected ballots, to have electoral fraud and ensure transparency. The practical demonstration test voting is being conducted in the central level organizations, ministries, Nay Pyi Taw Council, A total of 42 groups of Nay Pyi Taw municipalities and universities in Nay Pyi Taw. It has been implemented in 8 townships in Nay Pyi Taw of the Union Territory and all the townships in Yangon Region, and continues to be implemented in the townships in Mandalay Region.

The State Administration Council is fulfilling the country's responsibility in accordance with the constitution to strengthen the path of the country's democratic system. According to Article 425 of the Constitution, a 6-month extension of state of emergency can normally be granted twice, but the country's rule of law is lacking and the socio-economic lives of the local ethnic people are being lost due to the armed conflict in northern Shan State, some areas of Sagging Region, Chin State and Kayah State. Taking advantage of this situation, terrorists named NUG and PDF are carrying out terrorist attacks all over the country, as well as terrorizing the public, so it is necessary to restore the rule of law and peace in the country. It is obvious that this is not a normal situation.

As some of the ethnic armed groups are fighting to prevent the rule of law in the border areas, as we see that they are cooperating with online fraud groups and it is necessary to coordinate with the relevant countries until online frauds are eradicated by ensuring the stability of the border area, security and law and order. In order to be able to carry out the above activities effectively, we are already working to improve the public security system to develop a public defence system that includes all the people.

He also urged the members of the National Defence and Security Council, who attended, to work together to make the country a stable and peaceful country with rule of law. As we will be moving towards a multi-party democratic system, there is a need for the parties applying for registration to build strength and organize in order to provide party registration rights in accordance with the regulations set by the Union Election Commission to comply with the law. It is necessary to work together to successfully hold a multi-party democratic general election.

We are the government that had to assume the national responsibility due to electoral fraud in the 2020 general election.

"The multi-party democratic system full of genuine discipline" which the people longed for, was kept unshakable. Since the beginning of the government's duties, up until today, in every process, the organizing of "free and fair multi-party democratic general election" has always been included. Opposing organizations turn a blind eye to the multiparty democratic system that is pro-people and make the country unstable. It can be seen that people's socio-economic life is ruined by putting their foolish egos in the forefront and shaping the path of violence every day. If the normal situation arrives, they are especially worried that their terrorist plans to take the power of the country by arbitrary means will fail. Therefore, we must make efforts to hold multi-party elections in the country. We will try to deal with the difficulties and challenges that are being created to prevent such an election from happening. We will continue to strive to fully enjoy peace and stability and the rights of democracy for every citizen in accordance with the rules and regulations.

The brave and daring actions of the military personnel, police and militia organizations, who are protecting the destructive activities that are currently undermining the stability and security of the country, are historical actions. More support will be given to them. Likewise, they recognized the public's willingness to cooperate and reduce their security concerns, which will be properly handled in accordance with the law.

At present, there are many requirements to be a free and fair general election under the law as a foundation of democratic system and to enable the people to express their aspirations freely. It is necessary to create the peaceful and stable situation as well as an ordinary situation.

Under Section 425 of the Constitution, as it is not usual situation, it needs to extend six more months to serve the responsibilities under the Constitution for sustaining the processes in momentum.

Then, with regard to the discussion of the Senior General, Vice President U Henry Van Thio said he agreed to submission of the Senior General.

Speaker of Pyithu Hluttaw U T Khun Myat said that the explanation of the Senior General is in conformity with the reason and legal affaris. So, he agreed to extend six more months of the State of Emergency under the Section 425 of the Constitution.

Next, the Vice-Senior General discussed that he firstly agreed to the clarification of the Senior General for extending six-month period of serving the responsibilities under the Constitution.

First, it is necessary to continue taking security measures for ensuring peace and stability of the State and strengthening of socioeconomic life of the people, and an emphasis must be placed on peace and stability as well as rule of law. Secondly, it is necessary to successfully hold the multi-party democratic general election the ultimatum vision of the SAC. So, it needs to enumerate the census for correctness of voter lists. The correct statistics can contribute to correct voter lists. As such, processes must be done step by step. Hence, as such two points must be implemented, he agreed to the submission of the Senior General to extend the six more months of the State of Emergency.

Union Minister for Defence Admiral Tin Aung San said that as building the Union is being speeded up for strengthening of the genuine disciplined multiparty democratic system and building of the union based on democratic and federal systems, the ceasefire of the whole nation is being implemented.

But, some armed ethnic armed organizations taking advantage of NCA build the strength and commit destructive acts and terrorism. So, it encroaches on sovereignty of the State. As such, he agreed to extend six more months of the State of Emergency for implementing the five-point roadmap of SAC and holding the free and fair election in peace and stability of the State upholding Our Three Main National Causes.

Union Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Yar Pyae said that he agreed to extend six more months of the State of Emergency as the terrorism, unusual situation happened for peace, stability and rule of law happening from 1 February 2023 to the whole 2023.

Union Minister for Foreign Affairs U Than Shwe also agreed to extend six more months of the State of Emergency due to needs of political, economic and social development undertakings of the SAC government to the international community.

Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Tun Tun Naung discussed he agreed to extend six more months of the State of Emergency for soonest stability of the unusual situation of the State and successful implementation of the five-point roadmap of the SAC under the Section 425 of the Constitution.

In his speech, the Senior General said that he discussed the situations in six-month period. The country is on the path of democracy the people chose and it is being undertaken under the constitution. The Constitution (2008) was approved with the voting of the people.

But, the Tatmadaw agreed to amend some necessary points.

Some EAOs are committing drug production and trafficking in their areas where peace and stability and rule of law cannot be forged. Tatmadaw is emphasizing the peace and stability of the State. Capacity of Tatmadaw members and police members will be enhanced.

Some political parties and ethnic organizations talked about Public security system.

It is necessary to implement the national military service system to defend the people in the areas of EAOs and some areas without stability. So, an emphasis is being implemented for public security system. So, security information system is being implemented in wards and towns so as to implement the public defence system.

With regard to international relations, the government is enhancing the relations with neighbouring countries and all countries. Myanmar cooperates with all countries wishing to cooperate with Myanmar. So, the government is following the foreign policies of the constitution.

Myanmar is not in usual situation. Efforts must be made for reach the situation before 1 February 2021. Such situation was destroyed by unrests and then armed terrorism. So, a free and fair election must be held to reach such situations.

It must be dignified election and Hluttaw meetings. MP of relevant Hluttaws must be larger than the Tatmadaw member Hluttaw representatives. if so, the election will be dignified. It needs to have check and balance in Hluttaws for members of the NDSC to know it.

With regard to submission, the Pro Tem President said that it needs to extend six more months for serving the responsibilities under the Constitution according to the council members. At present, he agreed to extend six more months for serving the duties to implement terrorism process of the State and to address unusual situations.

As such submission of the Senior General, he seemed to successfully implement the process to shape the good future of the State. If necessary, more term should be extended depending on the results of efforts within six months period.

So, according to agreements of all council members at the meeting, the six-month period was extended for the State of Emergency of the whole nation was declared to the National Defence and Security Council, and the meeting 1/2024 was concluded.