Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union government meeting 4/2024

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union government meeting 4/2024

Nay Pyi Taw April 22

Union government held meeting 4/2024 at the meeting hall of State Administration Council Chairman’s Office here this morning, addressed by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. Present were union ministers and officials. Region/ state chief ministers attended the meeting through video conferencing.

In his address, the Senior General said Thingyan festival and New Year were celebrated on a grand scale in all regions and states, with the participation of the entire public. It was a pleasure that everyone took part in the festival with joy. This tradition of happily taking part in the festival with peace of mind must be maintained in the coming years. The Senior General prayed for every man to serve the State duties with added momentum.

Pay attention to the two national goals – national prosperity and abundant food supply

The two national goals of SAC are national prosperity and abundant food supply. National prosperity means a peaceful and stable country where people can live, learn, and work in peace of mind under the protection of the rule of law. As for ensuring an abundant food supply, basic income must be enough for everyone to enjoy a peaceful and sufficient life. In this regard, the State is working hard to ensure national peace and stability, stability of commodity prices, and to strengthen the currency value.

The country already has favorable geographical conditions and human resources for national economic progress. But, there surfaced some difficulties due to the attempts to block the trade flow through economic sanctions, blocking trade routes and destroy peace and stability. If the country can overcome those difficulties, trade and economy will gain greater development and currency value will increase. A country must have reasonable currency stability.

Domestic production must reach its zenith for a country to ensure national prosperity and produce plenty of food. Hence, every region should manufacture adequate amount of food and social goods. Although paddy is the country’s main crop, it faced rice shortages in the past. According to statistics, the country’s average per-acre yield was 28.3 baskets in 1967-1968, down from 31 baskets in 1962-1963. The main cause then was bad weather that led to reduce per acre yield, followed by rice shortages. Regional countries also faced the same fate. Hence, the country tried to increase rice per acre yield throughout the successive periods. But the process needs correct methods and success.

The nation must ensure constant food security. The country’s agricultural production capacity will further increase if more areas are put under mixed cropping. The country has favorable conditions for the success of farming business. So the country is supporting the international food security. The business will also help increase national income. Hence, all must pay serious attention to ensuring an abundant food supply for the country.

Try to produce cooking oil crops at full capacity

The country has to import edible oil every year. It is also exporting goods extracted from domestic oil crops. Officials at all levels must systematically supervise to produce oil crops at targeted yield and collect statistics correctly. The four essential elements of agriculture -- seed, soil, water and method – must be effectively utilized. River water pumping projects must be systematically implemented to provide adequate water supply. The relevant union ministers, region/state chief ministers must provide support for harmonious implementation of agricultural undertakings. If the country can hit the target per acre of oil crops, it will be able to meet is local demand and reduce foreign exchange expense.

The country grows cotton for domestic use and export. In the same time, it is importing a large amount of cotton yarn and cloth. The country must try to grow and produce quality cotton. In this way, it can reduce cotton yarn and cloth import. Preparations must be made at present for the success of crops in the coming monsoon season.

Need to prepare for disaster risk reduction

As climate changes happen, making preparations can reduce impacts of natural disasters albeit avoiding natural disasters. Myanmar has experienced natural disasters. People from coastal areas have to continuously make necessary preparations for emergency situations. As establishment of forests can reduce natural disaster risks to some extent, forest plantations must be set up in relevant village-tracts and cooperate with officials for successful establishment of forest across the nation. Likewise, people need to prevent deforestation through the national spirit. Moreover, it is necessary to hold talks about prevention of natural disasters and preparatory measures.

Preparations need for peaceful learning of students at a time when basic education schools reopen

As basic education schools will reopen in coming June, it is necessary to make preparations for beautifying the schools with better structures facilitated with school furniture. Basic education schools in some regions which faced delay of learning for various reasons need to make preparation for reopening of schools and resumption of learning.

Arrangements are being made to confer deserved degrees for the training courses conducted by relevant ministries. Efforts must be made for repairing the schools damaged in incidents of terrorism and reopening of all schools in coming academic year. Individuals are responsible for enabling all school-age children to safely learn education. Moreover, it is necessary to strive for regularly operating libraries, keeping necessary genres of books and staging the books and publications contributing to widening the scope of knowledge of rural people and improvement of their socioeconomy. Wellwishers need to donate literary works for socioeconomic development of the people in a long run.

Development of sports sector

It can be seen weakness of sports activities in Myanmar. As competition can contribute development of sports capacity, sports competitions must be held in relevant regions for continuous participation of athletes. It aims to forge unity, esprit de corps and national spirit. Athletes must be healthy and fit and they must compete in the competitions with sporting spirit. As such, all have to strive for uplifting the sports standard of the nation.

Union ministers reported on respective sectors.

Union Minister Dr Charlie Than discussed efforts for manufacturing cotton oil mill and cotton ginners at home, and production of cooking oil and quality threats from cotton crop, Union Minister U Win Shein financial measures and Union Minister U Myint Naung sending labourers abroad.

In his instructions, the Senior General highlighted priority must be given to donating books and publications to rural libraries for socio-economic development of rural people. Qualification of coaches must be enhanced in relevant sports events in order to upgrade amateur athletes to professionals. As such, it is necessary to give proper training to youths since the sports federations were set up.

All parents, teachers and officials need to emphasize enhancement of youth sector

In conclusion, the Senior General said aviation and marine youth courses will be conducted. Parents and officials need to arrange for youths to efficiently utilize school holidays. Youths are future leaders of the State and will serve the State duties. Hence, it is necessary to nurture the youths to have good morale, national spirit to uplift prestige of the State, and preserve prestige and integrity. Student youths have to comprehensively understand education from the basic structures. Parents, teachers and officials need to emphasize the enhancement of youth sector.