Statement on ethnic people to receive medical treatment at Tatmadaw hospitals

As some persons raise Civil Disobedience Campaign through social media network with attempt to deteriorate administrative machinery and peace and stability of the State with harming public interests, some health staff are absent on their duties and obligations following the deceits.

Medical doctors taking responsibilities for providing healthcare services to the people took oaths with following points while receiving degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. These are-

- I shall assume mental and physical health of all human beings as mine.

- I shall maintain morals and noble prestige of a good physician.

- I shall give utmost treatment to patients regardless of race, religion, poorness and richness with my medical knowledge by upholding compassion.

- I shall respectfully value and protect lives of human beings with my medical knowledge. As such, health staff should not deceive instigation of those committing destructive acts to harm the interests of the State and the people and are requested to be loyal to the people in accord with their oaths.

Currently, the Tatmadaw has received permit from the State Administration Council for enabling Tatmadaw members of medical corps to give a helping hand to ethnic people in the entire nation for solving health problems which might cause based on various reasons.

Hence, information was released that ethnic people can contact nearby Tatmadaw hospitals to receive medical treatment if they face health problems.

Tatmadaw Information Team