COVID-19 vaccination injection given completely to over 25,000 health staff in Yangon Region


‘‘COVID-19 vaccination injection has been given completely to over 25,000 health staff in Yangon Region,’’ said Dr Tun Myint, deputy director-general of the Yangon Region Branch of the Public Health Department.

The country will continue the COVID-19 vaccination program, and it has stated vaccinating the civil servants and the public since 5 this month. Currently, the country is applying the Covishield vaccine manufactured in India. The vaccines will be given in two doses and the second dose will follow 28 days after the first shot. Myanmar on 22 January 2021 received the first batch of 1.5 million doses of Covishield vaccine, which will be enough for 750,000 people, from India as a goodwill gift. The Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) is launching the vaccination program under priority schedule, and it has vaccinated 103,142 health staff and volunteers within a week in the whole country.

“All the health employees in Yangon Region have already been injected with COVID-19 vaccination. You need to have enough sleep and take nutritious food before receiving the vaccine, and you need to wait for half an hour before taking the shot to receive necessary care. We are now continuing our nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program. We will vaccinate the whole country. Now, we are giving anti-COVID-19 infection to the entire people of the country, and the health staff and volunteers are included in the priority list,” the deputy director  general of Public Health Department said.

The ministry began launching the COVID-19 vaccination program on 27 January 2021. It vaccinated 30,551 on that day, 37,728 the next day, 17,315 on 29 January, 11,061 on 30 January, 3,453 on 31 January and 3,034 on February 1 and 2. Some people faced slight reactions such as fever and vomiting after taking the shot, but many didn’t face any side effects. The best thing is to reinforce the body’s immunes system before receiving the vaccine.

Soe Moe