A Tatmadaw member, a police member injured in attacks of destructionists with sticks, knives, catapults, with intention to deteriorate peace and stability

Nay Pyi Taw  February  14

Protests are staged in major cities of the country at present. Numbers of protesters comprise those in peaceful and stable protesters in addition to those making attempts to commit melees with mind of destruction. Tatmadaw members and Myanmar Police Force members are taking necessary security duty for the community and com-munication routes not to harm the people.

In so doing, destructionists in crowds attempting to deteriorate peace and stability attacked Tatma-daw members on security duty near Phonetawtoe Ward in Aungmyethazan Township of Mandalay Region at night on 13 February  with the use of sticks, knives and catapults without abiding by prohibitions of Article 144 of Criminal Procedure not to gather  five and more persons. In the inci-dent, a Tatmadaw member was injured at cornea of left eye (in seriousness).

Likewise, a police member who discharged security duty at Hninzi Housing in Aungmyethazan Town-ship walked along the strand road  to contact the control office of  Sabei Housing under security  measures. On arrival at Mingala Yenyunt Dhammayon in Minte Ekin Ward, he was abducted by destructionists into the Dhammayon with reasons of residential security measures with the purpose of deteriorating peace and stability, and they committed unlawful acts. As soon as they knew the police member was abducted, officials  took him back but the police member was unconscious with injuries  due to unlawful acts of destructionists.

The injured security personnel were sent to the military hospital in PyinOoLwin and provided  necessary  treatment.

Officials of PyinOoLwin Station comforted them and fulfilled the needs.